Things to Notice before Buying Diamonds


Diamonds, the precious gems, are in great demand today with more and more people buying them as an investment medium or gifting their ladies. They are a source of personal satisfaction and women feel a great sense of pride on wearing them. They are symbol of “Forever” and when gifted, they communicate the feeling of togetherness till eternity. Whatever be the reason of their purchase, one needs to be wary before purchasing diamonds as ill-thought prompt purchases from illegitimate sources without knowing the basics of diamonds can completely ruin your money, effort, time and emotions while gifting or investment.

There are several things to be noticed before purchasing diamonds. Here, these facts will be categorized into ten factors that need to be traded off while purchasing diamonds depending on your pocket size. These ten factors are clarity, cut, colour, carat weight, source of purchase, latest trends, size, age, authenticity etc

Starting with clarity, there are several grades of clarity depending upon the inclusions that is the internal marks in the diamonds. The less the marks, more clear it is and more it shines. Some diamonds may be completely flawless even with eyeglass that forms the highest range of clarity. Others may be flawless with the naked eye but not with the eye glass. Last of all, the lowest grade contains marks that are even visible to the naked eye.

The cut and colour of the diamond are other two major factors that determine the quality of diamond. There are still several ongoing attempts to modify and discover new diamond shapes yet the most prevalent are the round cut, oval cut, square cut, rectangular cut, trillion cut and the usher cut. The cut also depends on the quality of cut labor with the best cuts reflecting maximum light and thus shining like never before. The colours of diamonds vary from colourless which is the perfect colour to light shades of yellow. They have been graded from D to F with D for colourless and F for yellow shade. As can be derived logically, D is the heaviest on pockets and F the least.

The carat weight though an important factor comes after deciding the clarity, cut and colour as the latter factors determine the quality. The carat weight largely determines the size, the bigger the beautiful. The price of the diamond also increases proportionately with weight with weights ranging from half a carat tone carat to two carats etc. It is also important to know certain key facts about diamonds weight like purchasing two half carat diamonds is costlier than buying single one carat diamond.

Another thing is to note is the upcoming trends and the choice of the person wearing the diamond. While some may prefer small size oval or marquee cut jewels while others may expect a bigger princess cut square pieces. Diamonds are huge investments and involve a lot of money. Hence, a lot of attention should be paid towards their authenticity. They should bear certificates from either of the International Gemological Institute, the American Gemological Institute, the Gemological Institute of Antwerp or HRD Antwerp. If diamonds are being bought for trade, they should own the certificate of Kimberley Process that can track back to the source of their origination. It is also important to buy it from sellers that are experts in this area and understand the different price quality models to offer you the best quality at minimal price.

Diamonds truly stand up to the philosophy of “old is gold” as they are the purest forms of carbon that took hundreds of years to crystallize. So, whatever your purpose of purchase is, be wary of frauds and glitter your life with buying only authentic glittering diamonds.

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