American Diamonds Vs. Real Diamonds

diamond1centenary-diamond-300x224Diamonds known to women’s best friend are available in multiple variants, colours, size, and cost. They are known by the different names such as gems, solitaires, pressure setting stones etc. It is rightly said that it is not only for the diamonds you pay but also elegance, beauty and pride associated with it. Obviously, then why not they would be a girl’s dream. It is commonly perceived that an engagement ring should be a diamond ring because of its life, associated elegance and the beauty it brings. The lady senses pride and love with her life partner gifting diamonds to her. However, with changing times, men have also started falling for them and like females; a wide variety of diamond bracelets, rings or watches is available for them as well.american-diamond-ring-2-250x250

American diamonds have entered Indian market at an alarming rate. They are not original diamonds as there are no mines in America. They are synthetic diamonds made in laboratory from glass and plastic researched in such a way that they artificially replicate the composition of original diamonds. Diamond being the hardest found metal on earth can be used in production of cutting, grinding and welding tools. Thus, these diamonds are used in many industries from up to electronics to nanotechnology. It is not long before when they grabbed the jewelry market like never before.

Now, they have wide presence in jewelry market as they bring a mental satisfaction of wearing diamonds, though synthetic. In market of artificial jewelry too, they stand bright and differentiated as they do not tend to lose their luster as fast as artificial stones but do not retain them forever like real ones too. Some of them are made with such finesse that it becomes hard to differentiate them from real diamonds with naked eye. They can be marked as unreal in laboratories under the equipment's.

These diamonds are cheaper than the real diamonds for obvious reasons. Natural diamonds take thousands of years to crystallize naturally and involve huge toll in mining them and best of workmanship to cut them so that they reflect light and become lustrous forever. However, the synthetic diamonds made in laboratory are not so rare and are formed under artificial environment within days. For the obvious reason of rarity, natural diamonds are priced much higher than American diamonds. Thus, they become a boon for fashion lovers who look out for recent trendy jewelry within specified budget. They aim to replace their jewelry collection every now and then and thus find it an affordable medium to display their elegance.

American diamonds also come in various qualities and it is hard to differentiate them. Several cases have been reported where American diamonds were sold to the buyer at the prices of original diamonds. Thus, it becomes imperative for the diamond buyers to check the authenticity of the diamonds they are buying. They must have basic knowledge about the cost, colour, cut, carat of original diamonds and should know to differentiate between the two. American diamonds, however, may have certain certificates of quality specific to the laboratory in which they are made but the compliance in quality measures of these laboratories with internationally accepted diamond quality benchmarks like GIA may be unproved or the rating scales for measuring quality called quality measures may be different for both the laboratories.

Thus, to conclude, it requires a good judgment to buy a good diamond. One must understand that every sparkle can’t be a diamond. All diamonds do have a sparkle but vice-versa is not true. Thus, be wary of making this investment as an illumination to your portfolio by making wise, thoughtful and thoroughly verified purchases and not turning them to be a nightmare for the rest of the life.

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