Colors of Diamond Jewelry available in Jaipur


Jaipur, the city that radiates colours in year round festivities, with people dressing in colourful attires with glittering accessories have a natural flair for gold and diamonds. The royal weddings, the cultural festivals, the family occasions, diamonds are worn as a symbol of royalty by women. There are lots of jewelry shops in core traditional markets to the new developing ones providing a great range of ornaments in countless designs – ethnic, modern, elegant, girls wear, marriage wear and what not! The designs are so different and traditional that buyers flock together to buy diamonds in festive seasons like never before. Jaipur diamond jewelry and designs are not confined to the geography of the area. People from other geographies, national and international, may specially visit Jaipur to buy jewelry and diamonds occasionally.

Diamonds come in multiple variants in colours, cut, size, clarity etc. Diamonds originally thought to be transparent colourless, come in multiple colours today. From blue, red, black, white, milky white, green, sham pane, orange pink, yellow, canary, cognac, brown, silver, coffee, cream to multicoloured diamonds, they are available in all colours of rainbow. They are available in all shapes and sizes to match your mood and the colour of your dress. These colourful diamonds make beautiful accessories like rings, bracelets; brooch, necklaces, and ear rings making you look beautiful like never before.

These colourful diamonds originate out of minute impurities in the original pure diamond that reflects light as a colourless crystal. For instance, nitrogen as an impurity results in brown and yellow colour in diamonds, boron brings the blue colour and so on. Colours in diamonds may also be a result of irradiation (like green diamonds) or deforming their natural lattice that brings the brown or pink colour according to the modified structure of the lattice. The black colour is normally a result of dark inclusions (imperfections in lattice) that gives them this colour. Hence, all these colours are a result of few impurities or faults in crystal structure that gives them a unique colour.

Yellow and brown diamonds are easily available in markets. Pure colourless diamonds, blue green, pink found in the market may involve good search while the unique original orange, purple and red diamonds are hard to find and costly. The general yellow and brown diamonds are graded to assess their quality from D to Z with D being the best grade while other colours of diamonds have a different grading scale. .  The D grade diamonds are precious, colourless and sought after category of diamonds. G, H,I are almost colourless but not perfect whereas K-M grade have just a touch of yellow. Diamonds in N-R grade have a light yellow tint whereas the remaining range is light yellow.

The other diamonds or the fancy coloured diamonds have different grading systems close to grading gemstones. However, these colourful diamonds differ from the coloured gemstones in their composition as diamonds contain carbon and thus have the ability to shine and reflect light. The value of these coloured diamonds depends on their colour, its intensity and the trend. The rare unique colours are most sought after gems with unbelievable prices. Their authenticity is checked for synthetic additions to their composition.

Thus, the unbelievable range of diamond colours make the people of this city more colourful. Some even prefer multicoloured diamonds to look as colourful as possible. Jaipur and its people have a natural flair for diamonds and this glitter adds to the shine and aura of this city. And, diamonds simply add to the royal splendid history of this traditional city making the people of this city all the way more beautiful and adorable.

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