Shapes of Diamond and Solitaire Jewelry in Jaipur


Jaipur, the city of art and architecture, colours and traditions is known for the royal taste of its people whether it is food, dresses or accessories. Go to a traditional wedding or a Dandiya night and you will find beautiful ladies dressed elegantly all around. Unlike metropolitan cities like Delhi or Mumbai where the trend of Artificial Jewelry replacing original gold and diamond jewelry is pacing high, here, at Jaipur, one still finds the Traditional Jewelry shops and outlets selling real gold and diamond jewelry brimming with customers owing to the royal taste of the people of this city.

Diamond dealers in Jaipur have wide collection catering to the taste and demands of different people. Diamonds are available here in various cuts, sizes, colours, shapes with qualities matching every pocket size. Solitaire diamonds are single diamonds of one carat or above. However, pure solitaire one piece diamonds are very costly and rare to find. The speciality of diamonds in Jaipur is their elegant designs and wide variety.

From the commonly known round brilliant shape to a variety of cuts in rectangular princess, glamorous emerald, elegant asscher, feminine pear, hybrid square or rectangular radiant, sparkling oval, round cornered cushion, glorious Marquise, brilliant trillion to the rare heart shape, Jaipur offers you a wide variety of shapes. Each one denotes a different tale of elegance, uniqueness, glamour depending on the individual taste and budget. All of these shapes are further cut in such a way that it aggressively adds to the shine and glitter that the diamond brings to you on wearing it.

These shapes are available in different colours, carat size and type of ornament. Whether it is solitaire pendant or a solitaire ring, the elegance it depicts proves its worth. The round brilliant cut is most popular and accounts for over eighty percent of the sale. It is one of the most researched shapes with best cuts to reflect and shine more. Also, one will find round brilliant diamonds in varying qualities of cut, colour and grade, thus making them more affordable in lower grades.

The most popular non round diamond is the princess shape. It has pointed corners and is either a square or rectangle in shape. It is best form of solitaire diamond in engagement or ring exchange ceremonies as it communicates the feeling true to its name – royal like a princess. While some may prefer its square shape, others may incline towards more rectangular shapes. They can be accessed through mathematical length to width ratios ranging from 1 to 1.05 for square shape and above for rectangular shape.

The emerald cut is majorly a rectangular shape with cut corners suitable for thin hands giving an elongated look. It consists of flat panes one surrounding the other and thus is resembled to a step cut. The imperfections and the colour are easily noticeable in this shape. Heart Shape diamonds are epitome of romance and love. They are one of the rare solitaire shapes that give you a sense of uniqueness and elegance. The other shapes like perfect oval or perfect square are still relatively easy to find. The pear shape is like a tear is mainly used for pendants or rings. The elegant asscher shape adds brilliance to the emerald cut whereas the radiant shape combines the elegance of princess and emerald cut.

Whatever be the shape you are wearing, it is the feeling that counts. The feeling with which one buys it as a gift and the feeling that makes you feel elegant, glamorous and royal on wearing it. It is rightly said that for diamonds, it is not the price but the feeling that matters.

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