South Korean Winter Street Foods


Street foods may be available all year, but there are some snacks that are available only during the winter like sweet potatoes and chestnuts. Winter in Seoul would not be the same without the scent of roasting sweet potatoes dominating street corners.

We can only find street food sellers all around subway stops in Seoul but to get its perfect treat we should try in older districts like Jongno, Jongakk and Insadong. South Korea has lots of street food vendors, but mainly most of the vendors come only in winter. The types of street foods are as follows:

Fish­-shaped Breads

These breads are kind of like fish-shaped waffles with sweet red-bean which is also known as path. Path is a common ingredient in sweets in South Korea and Japan (called azuki). Path willalso be find inside the Glutinous rice cakes. Recently, these breads have also been filled with choux cream and it is of purple-ish in color and have no color-alteration.

Roasted Chestnuts

If we want to enjoy the Christmas songs then the roasted chestnut will be the best option and specially of the South Korea. Though it is not as common as the breads but we can find the roasted chestnut sellers on the street corners. And when the sell is not as much the expected then the sellers even double up and sell breads in terms of bahm which means chestnut and gu-un which means roasted. Roasted chestnuts are available in ready-to-eat bags and in all the seasons.

Stuffed Breads

Stuffed breads are available in stores throughout the year and we can find them in warm weather also, but it is most popular in winter times. They are made from rice flour, and are filled with red beans, vegetables, cheese, Korean sweet potato and sometimes with pizza flavour. We will find them usually color coded in the convenience store.

The white breads are red bean-filled, the orange breads are  pizza-filled, and the green ones are vegetable-filled. But vegetable ones also include ground meat, so, they are not for vegetarians.

Sweet Pancakes

In South Korea, if someone tells you that something is pancake, then get ready for something savory. Pancakes here means jeon. Pancakes are made from a light dough mixed with either seafood i.e., haemul jeon, kimchi, spring onions i.e., pa jeon, or random other vegetables like cabbage. But will see them as a side dish, especially at bars. With pancakes there is also a dish known as ho-ddeok in South Korea which are sweet. They are pancake mix filled with a mixture usually including honey, brown sugar, peanuts, or some sesame seeds, and cinnamon. These are usually popular during the cold winter days and we can see street vendors cooking them up on griddles outside. They are found everywhere and it is a pretty common snack for people of all ages.

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