Clothing customs in Spain


Spain is a modern country where many modern and traditional dress patterns are experimented and tried. The men and women have indulged themselves in some fine art of clothing and dressing, skimpy clothes, flip flops; sandals with no socks are strictly to beach wear. People like to get dressed according to the event, formal or informal matters a lot in the dressing customs of the country.

The apparels are traditional and colorful; the Spanish people have not yet accustomed to the modern dressing styles yet, but then their traditional and ethnic dresses have gained a lot of popularity.

The Spanish dresses are rich, heavy fabric with gold and silver thread decorations, use of heavy decorated buttons, jewels ornaments are some of the basic embellishments in the traditional apparels. Capes, corsets, farthingale bell shaped dresses are the common types of apparels sported by the Spanish people. The matadors costume, the bullfighter’s cloak, the cape de paseo are some really old and traditional dresses which are worn till date at festivals and events. Below the article lists some of the traditional and old clothing’s of the country which are till date worn with vivacity.

Mantila – It is a lace or silk cloth worn as a scarf, the cloth is heavy decorated with embroidery and laces. Worn to cover head and shoulders and usually a pin is used to clip it.

Pieneta – Large comb used to hold mantila; it is made with different kinds of materials.  It is a comb like pin generally used for clipping Mantila.

Gilet – Gilet is a sleeveless jacket like a waist-coat or a blouse, which is available in varied length from waist to knee. This jacket originated in the 19th century and from then it has been worn.


The formal and informal clothing in Spain matters a lot, the formal clothing should be apt and strictly formal, anything hay where is considered as a bad impression.

The men wear formal suits with pants having the appropriate length, length of the pants are a noticeable. The length should be perfect, hence it is not considered formally worn. Also wearing wrist watches is a status symbol, the stylish the watch designs your status.

Leather shoes are another must in the formal attire.


Men can wear shorts and T-shirts to beaches with flip flops and polo shirts and pants for casual dinner and nightouts.


The formal attire of women is also followed very strictly that includes wearing dark suits and if skirts are being worn with suits then length of the skirt should be very conservative as the length above the knee is considered inappropriate. Gold jewelry with suits are conservative, you cannot sport any kind of plastic jewelry only small girls wear them, also a women should sport a good wrist watch.


The women can wear fancy and casual tops with skirts or pants, also can wear flip flops.

Spain is the country where your dressing reflects your persona, your clothing should be appropriate and wearing anything to anywhere is just not acceptable. The place is known for producing great clothes and colorful apparels.

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