3 Districts of Rajasthan waiting to be honored for the highest polling!!

There is good news after the election in Jaipur. Basically, 3 major districts of Rajasthan, that is to say, Sri Ganganagar, Jodhpur and Kota is going to be honored on National Voters' Day for registering greatest number of voting. This was decided in the Assembly polls held lately in Jaipur. National Voters' Day is to be rejoiced all over Rajasthan on 25th January, 2014.

Kota : Kota, previously known as Kotah, is the 3rd biggest metropolis in the Northern state of Rajasthan, Jaipur & Jodhpur being the 1st and 2nd. Kota is placed 240 kilometres (i.e. 149 mi) south of Jaipur, the pink city of Rajasthan. Located on the banks of Chambal River, Kota has been considered as a compelling city for the National Capital district to create a center of attention among migrants and has expanded as an optional centre of development to Delhi.

Jodhpur : Jodhpur, the 2nd second biggest city in the Rajasthan has crossed a million in the city's population. This city has been acknowledged as the 2nd “Metropolitan City” of Royal Rajasthan. Jodhpur was once the accommodation of a substantial state of the identical name, the capital city of the realm called as “Marwar”. Jodhpur, a well liked tourist spot, boast a lot of citadels, forts and shrines that are, set in the barren countryside of great Thar Desert.

Sri Ganganagar : Sri Ganganagar is the northern-most city of Rajasthan. It is a planned city of the Rajasthan that is placed close by to the borders of Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana states and the worldwide border of India & Pakistan. Sri Ganganagar is the organizational headquarters of Sri Ganganagar region. The city is named after the Maharaja of Bikaner, Shri Ganga Singh Bahadur. The city is proudly mentioned as the “The food basket of Rajasthan” & “Green district of Rajasthan”.


Mr. Ashok Jain, the Chief Electoral Officer of Rajasthan declared that a number of artistic programs in addition to the photo exhibitions will be held in each of these 3 districts so as to generate consciousness among voters. All the participants will take pledge to produce responsiveness while they work on their rights. In Jaipur, a program will be conducted at the state level, where the Governor of Rajasthan will attend the function being the chief guest. In the occasion, all the 3 districts will be honored.

Mr. Ashok Jain, the Chief Electoral Officer of Rajasthan declared that Rajasthan would take delivery of the national award from the President for excellent election administration, by instigating creative programs, by escalating the number of fresh voters with successful execution of the “Systematic voters education and electoral participation (SVEEP)” in the assembly polls. Also, in an effort for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, the Chief Electoral Officer told the amendment of voter list is being carried out and more than 22 lakh people have applied for addition of their names in the election roll. He also added that the EVM inspection will be instigated in the attendance of technicians, representatives of political parties, officials. The training of administrators will be commenced in the month of February.

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