Review of Nahargarh Fort

It is among the most beautiful and the terrible forts of India. It is symbol of Rajputana pride and dignity. It shows how the Rajput kings defend their city by creating defense centers around the city. It is also known As Tiger Fort and is located 15 kms away from Jaipur city. The best thing of the fort is that at some places on the wall give you a great view on Jaipur. If you want to make a nice walk go there by car and go back on the steep path down directly to the city (20 minutes). It will be surely a nice walk and you will end in pink city. It has great view from the Aravalli hills to see the Pink City. In the evening, you can enjoy the sun set and then enjoy desi food at Rajasthani tourism hotel.

Indo- European style is shown in the architecture of Nahargarh fort. Name of the fort also carries a past in it. The fort offers a spectacular view of this royal Pink city from the top of the fort. The major attraction of this fort is Madhvendra Bhawan. This palace was built by Maharaja Ram Singh who has nine wives. This was built in the year 1866.It consists of nine apartments in it which are given to various queens along with their name and the name of the queens are also mentioned at the top of each apartment. All apartments are decorated in floral motifs. There are some beautiful murals which are gathered in a spacious courtyard. Palace has the best views in the city even though it is not the most beautiful in the Jaipur area, nor it is well maintained.

During monsoons the place comes to its life and it resembles a hill station with cool winds and clouds passing by. There is also a steep well, known as Baoli which gained popularity after the movie “Rang De Basanti” which was partly shot here.We should take caution while  going to the Nahargarh fort ,as there are many bends there  and road is also single laned for both the sides and also the steep slopes there.

One of the major attractions of the Nahargarh fort is the capturing view of the Man Sagar Lake and the nearby areas that can be seen from the fort. The alluring view of Man Sagar Lake has never failed to attract the tourists with its magnificent beauty. Visit this dignified fort if you come to Jaipur, Rajasthan. The fort shows the rich culture and the glorious age of the Rajas and Maharajas of the city. Jaipur is well connected by air, road and train with all the major cities of India.

In ancient times forts on such heights were inaccessible to enemies and it was quite easy for the guards and the sentries to have a eye on the movements outside the outer boundary walls of the fort. Successive rulers made more changes to tighten the security of the fort. There are several buildings which are located within the fort. One of the beautiful noteworthy buildings is Madhvendra Bhawan which was built by the first king, Sawai Ram Singh II has a cluster of 12 identical rooms for queens and the main is the room for the king himself. The beauty is that this bhawan has several interconnected rooms with corridors and half ways as well and retain some delicate frescos as well as toilets and kitchen hearths. The Bhawan was the picnic spot of the royal family. When the fort is decorated by lights in the night then its beauty is indescribable. It stands as a symbol of royal dignity, as the Fort stands tall in the Jaipur district. Just above the entrance there is Durg Cafeteria and it sells refreshments and meals, while Padao Restaurant on the western side sells drinks around sunset.

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