Horse, Camel and Elephant Ride in Jaipur

The alternate name of Jaipur is Pink City. It is because this old city is painted Pink. The Pink color makes the city look more beautiful and it let the people attracts towards to the perfect combination of the city with color and its traditional beauty. Jaipur embraces a royal past drenched completely in extravagance. The city possesses many lavish palaces including several legends, enchanting travelers and localities as well. The city is well known for its monuments, palaces, forts, temples and gardens. All these places are the bookmarks of the erstwhile traditional era, where royalty was once lived with complete power.

To ride on the luxuries of Jaipur, whether it is a camel ride, a horse ride or a elephant ride; all are full of fun and experience on some of the ancient modes of transportation.

Camel Ride: Camel Safari was arranged by Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation (RTDC). For the security and the comfort of the tourists, tamed camels are used for Camel Safari. Camel rides in Jaipur city attract large number of tourist to come to this palace and enjoy a sightseeing view by sitting on tamed camels. Camel safari gives tourists the view of the most vibrant culture of Rajasthan and it will tilt their adventure bone towards the culture of Rajasthan. Camel riding is a great experience to explore the Jaipur City. Riding tamed camels is quiet and peaceful as it no longer grumbles along the way. Camels slippery feet do not make any noise. You can hear the winds passing by your side.

The adventures of camel riding is quiet interesting and unique. You will have a treasure of memories when you return home. Though camel is a tamed and lovely animal yet certain care must be taken and instructions should be followed to make the camel Safari comfortable and safe as much as possible.

Elephant Ride: By elephant ride one can feel and enjoy the princely feeling which they have never enjoyed earlier. In ancient times, the elephant was considered as Royal Safari for Rajas and Rajas took the round of whole city by sitting on elephant’s back. By taking an elephant ride one can feel like a Maharaja and enjoy the heritage trip of the Pink City, especially while visiting Amber fort. As Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan, so many old royalties are still there in Jaipur, one best way to look at these royalties is from the back of the elephant. Elephant ride is very famous among the tourists. Elephant riding is a part of Rajasthan culture which reminds us the Royal days of ancient times. Maharaja used to consider elephants as a sign of wealth and prosperity and kings used to ride on ornamented elephants. During Holi festival, an elephant festival held every year in Jaipur. A game of Polo is the main highlight of the program. Elephants are trained by the trainers. The trainers or mahawats used to be a part of Department of Elephants, which is now not there.

Horse Riding: During ancient times the horses are used by the Rajputs and Royal families of Rajasthan in battle fields and for hunting. Nowadays, these battle fileds and hunting are not there but still one can enjoy exciting horse riding during Jaipur Tour. Horses are more reactive and sensitive. They have lighter touch and are more responsive than any other animal. Horse riding is famous among the tourists. Horses are more sure footed than camels. Doing horse riding at sunset time one can enjoy the beautiful view of the Jaipur City. Hunting animals by doing Horse Riding is a part of Rajasthani Culture.

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