10 Reasons To Visit Jaipur Now

Jawaher Kala Kendra

10 Reasons To Visit Jaipur Now

One may not be aware of the fact that the state Rajasthan is one region which shares the moment of pride and honour because of its rich heritage and culture all over the world. Jaipur, which shares the title of the capital of Rajasthan, is one place where one can find the fusion of traditions along with the westernisation.

Let’s talk about ten reason to visit the city Jaipur here and now!


Rajasthan peoples

Rajasthani People

One can feel the essence of the rich culture of Rajasthan imbibed in the hearts of the Rajasthani people. With the increasing globalization, the people here are still attached with their values and rituals that allow them to signify and share the unique fusion which melts with the people in the front.

Jawaher Kala Kendra

Rajasthan Art and Culture

Jaipur is one such place where people can elaborate the beauty of the art by the people of Rajasthan. Places like Jawaher kala Kendra, ravindra munch, art galleries describe the amazing and breathe taking arts subscribed by the talented and filled with unique imagination and portray them in the form of their art. People can come and visit such places so as to personify the great amazement of art shared by the people of jaipur.

GhoomarRajasthani Dance

One reason of honour and pride of the state is the dance form. One can never imagine the dance forms of Rajasthan i.e. kalbeliya and ghoomer performed by many artists and glooming in their own world of happiness and joy by their different heritage dance form.

HandicraftAmazing Crafts in Rajasthan

One reason to visit jaipur is the amazing crafts made by the craftsmen of jaipur which we call it by the name of handicrafts. In the city, places like national handlooms and same shares the place to buy such handicraft products that can only titled as the pride of the jaipurites. There are many types of handicrafts available, like: handbags, bed sheets, hukkah, small stands and many more.

Chokhi DhaniRajasthani Tradition

The places like choki dhaani and aapdho rajasthan, people can share the glimpse of colourful Rajasthan and its rich culture by different dance forms, apparels, cuisine which can be found at one place without compromising with the quality and value of customs.

Jaipur MallsPink City Morden View

With the increasing westernisation, people can follow the modern style of living. jaipur is filled with the malls where one can feel the environement of modern style of living. jaipur is filled with the malls like : hypercity, MGF, Crystal court and more.

Nahargarh FortPinkCity Forts

One reson that jaipur is famous for is the forts which talks about the rich choices and rich style of living of the king Sawai Man singh. With great diameter, forts shares the larger part of the Jaipur city. Nahargarh fort, Amber fort and many more.

Birla TemplePinkCity Temples

The temples in the region of Jaipur are famous for its faith and reliability of people towards their god. Temples like Khole ke hanuman ji, birla mandir, moti dungri, khad ganesh and many more shares a special religious importance in the hearts o the people and make it the place of compulsion for the people who have faith in almighty.

JaipurPinkCity Geometrical View

The colorful old city which is painted Pink is the reason of the alternate of Jaipur i.e. PinkCity. This makes the city look more beautiful and let the people attract to the perfect combination of the city with colour because of which the Jaipur city is also knows as the city mixed with the perfection of geometry and colours.

City PalacePinkCity Palace

City palace is one such place in jaipur where the king Sawai Man Singh used to live and shares the glory of his victory and history of the Jaipur city. City palace is considered as one such compulsion to visit when traveeling to the pinkcity.

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