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10 Most Famous People From Jaipur

Gayatri Devi

Famous People From Jaipur

With the great rich culture, jaipur also shares the part in the world with great personalities with jaipur as native place. The famous celebrities of jaipur take the city to a different level of sharing the moment of pride and honour in the globe. With their hard-work and dedication towards their field, these celebrities have attained a position of respect and honour not only within the stae, not only in the nation but through out the globe.

Following is the list of ten famous celebrities belonging from native place Jaipur.

Rajeev KhandelwalRajeev Khandelwal: Rajeev Khandelwal is a famous reputed actor in the soap opera’s and now can be seen on the screen of the Bollywood as well. Rajeev was born in mansarowar, which is the largest colony in jaipur. He helped to carry out the culture of rajasthan by his simplicity and dedication towards his work.


Juhi ParmarJuhi Parmar: Juhi Parmar is famous for the versatility in anchoring, acting, television presenter, singing and dancing. She was bought up in Jaipur and famous for her clear heart and pilon nature which reflects the purity of her heart.


Vasundhara RajeVasundra Raje: She was the first woman chief minister of Rajasthan til 2008 and held a variety of changes in the state rajasthan which led to the progress of lower middle class and poor people in the state. Her strong focus and smart work lead her to the title of woth respect.

Rajyavardhan singh rathoreRajya Vardhan Singh Rathore: He is an Indian Shooter who won the silver medal in men’s double trap at Olympics 2004. He made not only the country proud but the state proud as well. A salute to his dedication and hard work is what we people embrace in our heart.

Irrfan KhanIrrfan Khan: He is an Indian actor in film, television and theater with the reputation of skill work and hard work to lead a successful life. His attitude and presence in the commercials and films make people love him and respect him for his work. He has dedicates his life in sharing the welfare to the people.

Ila ArunIla Arun: She is known for her unique and husky voice. She shares the title of Indian actress, TV personality and rajasthani folk/folk-pop singer. She shares a unique appearance in the society and makes the state rajasthan a proud place where the proud people were born. She is the first name in the category of Rajasthani folk singers with respect and pride.

Gayatri DeviMaharani Gayatri Devi: She is the third maharani of jaipur from 1939 to 1970. She was blessed with ultimate beauty and was a fashion icon in her age. She has been counted in the ten most beautiful women of the world.

Pratibha PatilPratibha Patil: Pratibha Patil who was the 12th president of the republic of india was born In the city jaipur. Her great efforts and hard work to succeed the county and take the nation on the new heights is worth salute and respect.

Vishwa Mohan BhattVishwa Mohan Bhatt: Mr. Bhatt is an Indian slide guitar player who performs classical music in Hindustani essence. He is the owner of two honouree award sangeet natak akademi and padma shri because of his amazing and mad love for the music.

K. C. BokadiaK.C. Bokadia: He is a famous director and producer in bollywood since 1980s. He has dedicated his life to films and direction. He gave many hits in his time with mithun chakarborty. He has given super-hit films as Pyaar Jhukta Nahin {1985}, Mera Sajna Saath Nibhana {1992}, Janta Ki Adalat {1994} and many more.

All these famous personalities are the honouree gems and jewels of the city that helps in adding the points and personalities in the history of the book of jaipur who are carrying the respect and pride of the city to a next level.

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