Taxi, Autos And Rickshaws Available in Jaipur

Jaipur is one of the most important destinations on world-renowned golden triangle tour of India. Jaipur appears as any North Indian city unless you know its specialties. It is known as the pink city of India, this capital of Rajasthan state which attracts all and sundry. The ‘Pink City' of Rajasthan or Jaipur is a major tourist destination of the country, which have grand Rajput palaces, forts, cultural ethnicity, princely ambience and amazing colorful markets, scattered everywhere around.

In Jaipur, one can see a very beautiful and lively picture of the Pink city showing its hospitality which provides one a comfortable vacation as well. There are several factors that attracts tourist to its land. One should be aware of the fact that the state Rajasthan is the region which shares the moment of pride and honor because of its enriched heritage and culture all over the world. Jaipur, which has the title of the capital of Rajasthan, is one place where the fusions of traditions along with modernization are seen.

The Pink color makes the city look more beautiful and it let the people attracts towards to the perfect combination of the city with color and its traditional beauty. Jaipur embraces a royal past drenched completely in extravagance. The city possesses many lavish palaces including several legends, enchanting travelers and localities as well. The city is well known for its monuments, palaces, forts, temples and gardens. All these places are the bookmarks of the erstwhile traditional era, where royalty was once lived with complete power.

Local Transport in the Pink city, keeps the city moving all the time. It makes the movement within the city limits easier. The cycle rickshaws, auto rickshaws, tempo, Tonga, city buses, cabs, jeeps, bullock carts and camel carts are the common means of local transport.

The charges in the Radio Taxi are according to meter. These taxis on call are a great help to the local people as well as tourists. The cheapest means of transport is the three wheel auto rickshaws. It is a mechanical three wheeled vehicle in which the driver sits on the front seat and the passengers on the back. Sharing auto rickshaws are very common. Railway station and roadways bus stands have well established pre paid auto rickshaws booths. Hiring autos from there is more convenient as the owner is not able to charge extra amount for a certain distance. Tempo is larger than common auto rickshaws and smaller than mini buses. There are many tempos running on different routes of the cities.

Cabs and private taxis are also available to travel in and around the city. To book a taxi, travel agents are there. If you want to explore the Pink City that you hire a taxi and the fare is charged according to the distance travelled by you and it starts counting the moment you enters the taxi. So it is very essential to check whether the meter of the taxi or any means of transport is properly working. Taxis with fixed rates are also available near airport and railway stations. Auto rickshaws are easily available in almost all the parts of the cities. The fare in auto rickshaws also is charged depending on the meter. An unmetered auto rickshaw carries passengers on sharing basis. The fare charges of auto rickshaw should not be more than INR 5 per kilometer.

Taxis are more convenient and comfortable as compared to other modes of transport. The city of Jaipur forms a major tourist attraction, not only for foreigners but for Indians as well. With the changing times, Jaipur has also joined the herd of contemporary times and become one of the business centers of India. Every year, Jaipur welcomes innumerable people to its beautiful city for tourism as well as for business opportunities.

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