Low Floor Buses and Mini Buses in Jaipur

Jaipur is one of the most important destinations on world-renowned golden triangle tour of India. Jaipur appears as any North Indian city unless you know its specialties. It is known as the pink city of India, this capital of Rajasthan state which attracts all and sundry. The ‘Pink City' of Rajasthan or Jaipur is a major tourist destination of the country, which have grand Rajput palaces, forts, cultural ethnicity, princely ambience and amazing colorful markets, scattered everywhere around. In Jaipur, one can see a very beautiful and lively picture of the Pink city showing its hospitality which provides one a comfortable vacation as well. There are several factors that attracts tourist to its land. One should be aware of the fact that the state Rajasthan is the region which shares the moment of pride and honor because of its enriched heritage and culture all over the world. Jaipur, which has the title of the capital of Rajasthan, is one place where the fusions of traditions along with modernization are seen.

Low floor buses have started in Jaipur after a long time. Jaipur City Transport Services ltd. has started bus facilities in Jaipur. These buses cover old city as well as new city also covering Railway Station and other main spots of Jaipur. These buses are beneficial to those people who travel on daily basis in the entire City. At present more than 20 low floor buses have been started in Jaipur. These buses are having a seating of near 25 people. A/C as well as non A/C buses are available nowadays. There are basically 15 primary routes of these buses and has 4 depots which are Sanganer, Vidyanagar, Bias Godam and Shastrinagar. Approximately 650 employees are working for Jaipur City Transport Services. These buses basically have 2 types of routes: Radial and circular route.

Radial Route:

  • Route no 1 is from Choti Chopar to badi chopar and 1A route 32 Dukhan to Road no 17 in VKI

  • Route no 2 is from Bhankrota to Chandpole.

  • Route No 3 is from Pratap Nagar to Choti Chopar, Route 3B1 is from Shyopur to Pannadhayy Circle, 3B2 route is from Bhrampuri to Gangori Bazar Chorah, 3A route is from Stadium to Sanagner.

  • Route no 4 is from Kanota to Sindhi Camp.

  • Route no 5 is from Kunda to Collectorate Chaurah.

  • Route no 6 is from Malviya Nagar to Khirmi Park.

  • Route no 7 is from Heera Pur to transport nagar.

  • Route no 8 is from Galta gate to Jhotwara.

Circular Routes includes Jhotwara , Dadi ka Phatak, etc.

Fare is taken based on distance covered by people and on type of bus whether A/c or non A/c. For A/c buses distance covered upto 5 km will be charged Rs 10, between 5- 10 km is Rs 15, between 10-15 kms is Rs 20, between 15-20 kms is Rs 25 and above 20 km will be charged Rs 30. For non A/C buses, charges are 0-4 kms is Rs 6, 4-12 is Rs 10, 12-25 is Rs 12 and more than 25 will be charged Rs 18.

Regular travelers are also allowed to take bus pass and they will be provided by some concession. Monthly passes are provided if a person is travelling daily by same bus. The passes are also made for different periods like for 1 day if one is travelling two ways, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months as well as for 1 year also. Passes can be made for a specific route or can also be according to the needs of the traveler. Students are also provided certain discounts while travelling in these buses.

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