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Indian Food Restaurants In Hong Kong


Hong Kong is an avid holiday destination which is visited most by people from all around the world, and hence people from all around the world come to the city and enjoys their visit and stay. This holiday destination savours the taste buds of each traveller be it Asian, American African, Japanese the restaurants with the different cuisines lets their visitors relieve their gastrointestinal desires. The mouth watering Indian cuisine is another attraction of the place, the food served is traditionally cooked infused with some of the Chef’s tricks. People relish the food served and feel the divine originality of the food preserved in the dishes served in front of them. This article helps you to jot down some of the major restaurants in Hong Kong which serve Indian food.


Serves traditional and authentic North and South Indian food, service is impeccable and the restaurant can be located very easily on the Wyndhyam street in Central.


Beautiful, serene and quiet place in the bust Stanley Market, this place simply rejuvenates you after a hectic shopping day in the market. Great delicacies on the menu seem all the dishes are put up directly from an ethnic Indian restaurant.


No worries about reservation, ample of space available, great service the waiters correspond to you very well. Traditional and authentic environment of the place which soothes and relaxes you while dining. Tandoor, samosas and the fresh fruits selection is tantalizing.


In the next block, is the Delhi Club which serves Indian plus Barbeque. Seems like a windowless, cave restaurant with blue lights, yet the place look classy and chic. With prompt service and no troubles for reservation the place is nice and excellently compliments your taste buds savoring for Indian food


Jashan is an Indian cuisine oriented restaurant which serves all the exotic and tempting dishes from India. The Chefs of the restaurant Naval and Sovan Singh are the magicians behind the amazing food in the restaurant the restaurant is adorned with beautiful contemporary paintings and accompanied with soft Indian music and a glimmering disco ball.

These are some authentic restaurants serving exquisite Indian food which travellers lure while their visit in Hong Kong. These Indian food restaurants are like a treat in the foreign land for the Indian food savvies. Also people travelling to different places prefer eating Indian food, hence these restaurants savours the taste buds.

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