Indian Food Restaurant In Thailand


Thailand is an exotic land, a beautiful country which harbours many a tourists from all around the world. The golden crisp sand beaches with crystal clear turquoise water attract innumerable visitors from all around the world. And to savour the tempting taste buds of the travellers.

This article focuses on the famous and known Indian Food Restaurants which serve the true authentic and contemporary food of India.


As the name compliments the place, it serves stuffed Masala Dosa which is a typical authentic dish of South India. Stuffing of potatoes and tomatoes and the authentic “sambhar” with the traditional and original spices, the originality of the dish is the master key of the restaurant. Indian food lovers can relish their desire of eating Indian food by simply occupying a comfortable corner in the elegant and simply lighted restaurant.

  • Loaction- 153/7, Sukhumvit Soi, 11/1 Bangkok
  • Favorites on Menu- Stuffed Masala Dosa, Fresh fruit juices/Lassi, Veg. Pakoda, Tikki Chaat. Etc
  • Expenses for two- 400Baht ($12)


A beautifully adorned restaurant with beautiful arty crafts and which is known for its authentic Indian food. The place serves tempting meat delicacies and has a fresh range of vegetarian dishes. The dishes are tempting and lure each visitor to have a bite.

  • Favorites on Menu-19, Sukhumvit Soi
  • Location- 2000 Baht ($60)


A well equipped restaurant with eight Indian chefs, who serve the best and the classic Indian food, which seems like being served from a traditional Indian home. People craving for the delightful Indian food need not to panic and just settle in the restaurant and ease their taste buds from the authentic Indian food.

  • Location- 71, Sukhmvit Soi
  • Favs on Menu- Tandoori Tiger Prawn, Karala Shrimp Curry, Goan fish curry


Red is one of an innovative kind of restaurants which has a efficient and talented team of cooks who serve delectable food, with original Indian recipe and which will really savour the tooth’s of a food savvy. The restaurant has a pleasant ambience and soft music compliment the atmosphere of the restaurant..

  • Favs on Menu- Murgh Rassesdar(low calorie chicken), Salmon Paturi
  • Location- 124, Sukhumvit Soi

Thailand is known for its beautiful beaches and exquisite culture, the place is usually crowded with travellers from all around the world. Indian food restaurant is another attraction of the place, also the food served is authentic an traditional with amazing blend of spices.

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