Top 10 street markets in Korea

Seoul, the capital city of South Korea has an urban populace of more than 11.8 million, and a municipal population toting up over 25.6 million. Undoubtedly, Seoul is the largest city of South Korea and one of fiscal and educational hubs of East Asia. Being a mesmerizing unification of prehistoric traditions and radical digital technology, Seoul is the dwelling to never-ending street food vendors also. Seoul is a metropolis packed with stark dissimilarities.

Take a look at the 10 best street markets in Seoul, Korea.

1.    Namdaemun Market: Named after “Namdaemun Gate (now known as Sungnyemun)”, Namdaemun Market is the foremost national treasure of Korea. The market and gate are just a short-distance away from Myong-dong and are easily reachable from all main hotels. Namdaemun Market is admired by both tourists and local residents of Seoul for the good deals in from fabrics to provisions. The jam-packed streets of Namdaemun Market are lined with small shops that put up almost everything that you can think of for sale.

2.    Myong-dong: Myong-dong, a supreme entertainment & shopping area is mainly celebrated for its eating, drinking, amusement areas crowded by natives of different ages. Positioned in Seoul downtown area, there are 4 key department stores that are administrated by clerks who speak either Japanese or English. Several top shop lines and the narrow passageways of the city can be found in Myong-dong. Also, celebrated fashion designers own their boutiques here. Brand name products from overseas and shoe stores can be spotted at Myong-dong in large quantities. Economy institutions like investment companies and banks are also placed alongside Myong-dong.

3.    Insa-dong: Insa-dong is a basically a tapered avenue that’s sprinkled with art arcades, secondhand bookshops and antique stores. Named as “Mary's Alley” by overseas inhabitants of Seoul, Insa-dong is the most unswerving destination in the metropolitan to buy reproductions and antiques, mainly on the diverse kinds of “Choson” family storage places. You can also find good deals on inscriptions, images, and a broad array of equipments and editorials from Korea's history. Long-established art galleries and teahouses also dwell in the area of Insa-dong.

4.    Tongdaemun Market: Tongdaemun Market is the principal and mainly vibrant market in Korea that buzzes with haggle shoppers. This massive community bazaar endows a range of good deals in all and sundry. Tongdaemun Market also possesses the chief silk varieties in Korea.

5.    Hwanghak-dong Flea Market: Used items such as stoves, grindstones, video recorders, televisions, CD’s, shoes and garments are sold in Hwanghak-dong Flea Market.

6.    Chang-anp'yon Antique Market: Chang-anp'yong Antique Market boasts a mammoth array of goods that ranges from antique to latest relics. All these items are displayed on sale at sensible rates. Some of the well-liked items that are displayed in sale at Chang-anp'yong Antique Market comprise inscription, paintings, stone, ceramic artifacts and old chests.

7.    Shinch'on: Shinch'on, one of the most eminent shopping avenues in Seoul, is placed between 2 of the most high-status universities in Korea. The avenues are crammed with adolescents wearing the most modern oufit and accessories. Essential and old-fashioned styles coexist alongside as well. All visitors can get pleasure from the abundant shops & restaurants, nightclubs and coffee lounges at the same time as acquainting with the new generation of Korea.

8.    It'aewon: It'aewon is a famous space for both amusement lovers and bargain shoppers. Basically, It'aewon is accountable for the reputation of Seoul as a bargain hunter’s delight. The main street of this area extends more than a mile and is lined with stores and boutique shops. Items such as shoes, altered & ready-to-wear suits, eel skin & leather merchandise, jewelry and brassware are sold here. Countless antique shops and other shops that focus on traditional Korean art and inscriptions can also be found in It'aewon.

9.     Tax-free Shopping: The “Korea National Tourism Organization” functions countless Duty Free shops and independent companies. Global travelers can buy items in Korea without paying taxes or import duties. The shops that are placed at Korea's seaports, global airports, tourist spots around Korea sell duty free items. Buyers should show their passports and global ticket in order to buy things at these Duty Free shops.

10.    Yongsan Electronics Market: Yongsan Electronics Market is the biggest electronics market in Asian continent. Yongsan Electronics Market focuses on electric & electronic supplies. This market has more or less 5,000 stores that are placed in 22 buildings. The shops at this market sell practically every type of electrical merchandise at 30% lesser than other marketplaces. Together with the expansion of computers, Yongsan Electronics Market has achieved fame as a vast novel shopping zone in Seoul.

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