Nakshatra, the sparkling Indian Jewelry Brand steps into Pinkcity!!

NakshatraNakshatra, one of the most esteemed jewelry brands in India always symbolizes jewelry that is otherworldly, never-ending, everlasting, gorgeous and sparkling. The unique jewelry pieces are made around an exceptional set of floral designs, by incorporating the conventional 7 stone huddle. In the beginning, Nakshatra was launched in the year 2000, as a flagship of the Diamond Trading Corporation (DTC). Then, it was later offered to the Gitanjali Group. In a while, Nakshatra has been honored with the Superbrand status ever since 2008.

Nakshatra glistens in Jaipur:

Nakshatra, a gleaming jewelry brands in India has included one more star to its group of stores across the country with the commencement of its primary store in Jaipur. Nakshatra has begun a gigantic heave in demand for diamond jewelry after its instigation in the year 2000. Slowly, this notorious jewelry brand has also extended its network across the country. Now, it has stepped into the Pinkcity of Jaipur. Katrina Kaif, the beautiful Bollywood actress has signed up as the brand ambassador of Nakshatra jewelry brand.

The celebrated PinkCity is a famous hub of the jewelry business. Moreover, it attracts several domestic consumers in addition to a huge number of overseas tourist and shoppers. In the past few decades, Jaipur has experienced a rush in the demand for diamond jewelry in both conventional and fashionable designs.

Nakshatra, the new jewelry store is tactically placed in one of the most popular market shopping destinations of Jaipur. In fact, it is the foremost Nakshatra Jewels store in the city. Visitors will definitely be astonished by seeing a huge collection of jewelry from dazzling diamonds to sparkling gold. Also, light, daily wear jewelry pieces to grand, heavy pieces for special occasions are kept in the display. Nakshatra also possess a lovely variety of bridal jewelry. Nakshatra will also showcase jewelry from True platinum & Nizam.

Mr. Amrish Masalia, the CEO of Nakshatra Diamond Jewelry Brand declared that, the grand opening of this new Nakshatra store offers all clientele in Jaipur to enjoy an easier access to their jewelry brand with a broad selection in range, collections and designs.

The new Nakshatra Jewelry Showroom is located in Zohiri bazaar near World trade park, Jawaharlal Nehru Marg in Jaipur.

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