Jaipur Market

Markets of Jaipur

Markets are the reflection of whole city because it shows economic status and lifestyle in which people of that city are engaged into. Jaipur – The Pinkcity is the capital of Rajasthan and as being the capital it should be the leading one in markets too. Markets are an essential part of a city. It was started when The King of Jaipur , Maharaja Savai Jai Singh II, thought to apply a scheme to make a new city with his ministry then they discussed on priority basis that how to make Jaipur remain constant and on prosperous stage for a long era.

Any of the city's prosperity depends on trade and commercial activities. Young architect Bengali, Vidhyadhar Bhattacharya worked as a clerk in Treasury of King, suggested to resettle city in accordance with scriptures. In this which was very important to develop markets both sides of the main avenue of the city. The special thing was that it was a royal decree at that time that on main routes no door of any private house opens up. There was a provision of opening the doors only of Public Buildings & Shops on main routes of city; the houses continued to instruct the way was open in the streets. In the main markets of Parkota area the impact of the rules can be seen even today. Due respect was given to Vidhyadhar Bhattacharya’s suggestion. He only thought about resettling the city according to the Scriptures. Being impressed by his talent, King Jai Singh, appointed him as a Chief Engineer and Jaipur was settled according to the map, he made. All the markets proved to be the main link of city planning. On the order of Emperor skilled traders, craftsmen, talented people and artistic goods manufacturers, from all state, were settled on adjacent streets of these markets.

Today in whole world culture of Malls & Shopping Complexes is blowing but there is no match of Parkota Market of Jaipur. The entire market is itself a historical Mall to shop around, it is a unique adventure well known by tourists all around the world and they feel and understand it. It’s a result of far thinking of whole team with Emperor Jai Singh, so that markets of Parkota remain the base of prosperity of this city Jaipur forever.

Johri Bazaar

The most beautiful and busy market in town is Johri Bazaar. Located between Sanganeri gate to Badi Chaupar there is numbers of shops of jewelry. This is the reason the market known as Johri Bazaar. Besides of Gold and Silver ornaments precious gems and luxury gems are sold in this market. Its note worthy that Jaipur is also known as City of Gems. The typical thing of this market is Necklaces, Pendants, Ear rings, Rings, Bangles and also diamonds, Emeralds and the ornaments decorated with Ruby and Pearl by the special cutting of these gems. Kundankari of this market is world famous. The Minakari also maintains its identity. On the eastern lane of this market there is ancient temple of Devdi ji. Market of precious gems and stones starts everyday outside of this temple where through brokers these precious stone are bought and sold. Those who keep knowledge of these stones gather there and negotiate for stones. In these markets shops are for Bridal dresses, Safon, jewelry, and wedding related goods. Women crazy for Rajasthani traditional saris feel free to attack on this Johri Market. The striped, tie and Brocade – edging and adorned with beautiful embroideries saris are available at many stores and designed Fabric whose eyes are in the soul. It’s better to enjoy shopping by walking in verandah instead of going by four wheelers. Due to the busiest area of the city, you may not find a place to park your vehicle. By walking in verandah you can also enjoy the delicacies desserts from Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar. While on the way of Gopalji from Lassiwale you can find an opportunity to drink fresh buttermilk using Kulhars. There is also a years old sugarcane juice shop on Tor Gate of Sanganeri, where you feel refreshed after having a glass of juice from this decades old Sugarcane shop. At the end of this market there are two temples of Hanuman Ji facing each other. While coming from Sanganeri gate bowing head in front of these temples is like a tradition now. The famous Jama Mazjid of this city is also situated in Johri Bazaar, where the retiring Muslim festivals have fantastic views of the prayers. There is a Fruits Market on the western lane of the market and opposite on eastern lane an old vegetable market is there. Because of their famous tunes which have many times sparkled in weddings and cinema screen, Jiya Band’s office is also in Johri Bazaar. ATM facilities are available in the market.

Tripolia Bazaar

Market spread out from Badi Chaupar to Chhoti Chaupar, is known as Tripolia Market. The southern entrance – Tripolia gate of Raja Prasad opens in this market. There is a Purohit ji ka Katla in corner side of Badi chaupar. Spread like cobweb small streets in this katla where goods useful for festivals, daily needs goods, toys, plastic goods, cosmetics and stationary bulk shops are there. Shopkeepers of rural areas come here for shopping. Tripolia Market is famous for the pottery shops of Brass, copper, aluminium and steel. Market becomes lively on the day of Dhanteras around Dipawali. In this market shops are available for watches, branded shoes, shelves of Tin, spices, dry fruits, pickles, school bags & tourist bags etc. also on some book stores Almanac and books related to ancient Mantras-Epics are available here. Framing of pictures is also available here. For people who do love things like metal antique accessories even that too are available in the market. Enjoy Juice of Ramchandra Juice Wale and Bhajia of gram from an old shop which is there in market. Also Motichoor ke Laddoo & two old shops of sweets are the hallmarks of this market. There is a post office in temple of Mehtaab Bihari Ji and electricity department office in Shree ji Mori. Sargasooli, a highest tower far visible from the market is lovely attention of this market. Two main market situated with this market is Aatish Bazaar and Chaura Rasta. Hind Hotel and Maharaja Man Singh Library are the gracious buildings of this market.

Kishanpol Bazaar

Kishanpol Bazaar is situated between Ajmeri gate and Chhoti Chaupar. In comparison of Johri Bazaar and Tripolia Bazaar it’s not so rich but still it has its own importance. Instrumental and Painting related items can be found easily in this market. Besides this there are also some sports shops. Usually grocery, spices and betel shops can be found in abundance here, but prominently here are bicycles and furniture shops. Big cycles, cycles for children and toy car shops are famous here. The leather and Rexin wallets, suitcases, almirahs, tin boxes, Plumbering accessories are also available. In Kishanpol Bazaar Plastic chairs, Household Furniture are available here on affordable prices and easy to get access. Key of market is Fine Art College, situated here. That is why a lot of things related to painting and handicraft are available at many stores. Some stationary shops are also developed due to Government Girls College, which is in the same market.

Chaandpol Bazaar

Chaandpol Bazaar is located between Chaandpol gate and Chhoti Chaupar. Here Ghee, Oil, juice, Pickle, Spices and large number of readymade garments shops can be found. On the sidewalk, where also there are so many kinds of spice’s shops where people who grind the spices, called Masalchi, selling spices in its open state, it’s been carried from many years. On both side of market there are so many Hospices & Restaurants. From long time there are Kothiyans of Nagarvadhus on the upper side of northern lane shops of this market. On the southern area of this market, a creative work of making marble statues is done. So some shops of statues and handicrafts can be seen in Chaandpol market. There are also some religious places in market, in these the main is Temple of Hanuman Ji, situated on the chaandpol gate. People say that the iconic statue of Hanuman Ji is fetched up by Emperor Maan Singh himself. Also the vast temple of Ramchandra Ji & Shanidev can be seen. Every Saturday under the enormous tree of khejde, crowd of devotees gather for Taila-abhishek of lord Shani.

Hawamahal Bazaar

When Jaipur got settled down it settled in nine square blocks. Two were reserved for the palace in these nine blocks, and in rest market and houses were built. As Hawamahal road was adjacent to these two sections, so according to the map here market was to be made but due to it did not developed. Servants of palace lived on roadside and developed small kind of shops in a short period of time. Extended from Badi Chaupar to Silver Mint market is called as Hawamahal Market. On this road Hawamahal, Haweli of King Bhatt, Sri Ramchandra ji temple, Kalki temple, Old Assembly, Sirhdyodi gate, Ramprakash Cinema, Shimla Hotel & Temple of Kale Hanuman Ji and many more historical & ancient buildings are present. This is a famous area of Indian & foreign tourists. Buses of foreign tourists coming from Delhi mostly stop here in morning so there is facility of currency exchange in front of Hawamahal. On the road there are so many shops for antique goods in these shops Brass, copper & wooden decorated goods entice tourist’s minds. There is an antique & old shop for sharpened Arms & Swords nearby Hawamahal. Here traditional rajasthani dresses, accessories, purses, leather sandals called Mojadiyan and more needy decorative goods can be found easily. In same area the shops for Jaipuriya Quilts are available. In an old shop named Kadar Baksha, quilts with 100 gm cotton can be purchased. Nearby Sirhdyodi gate is Monalisa gallery where handmade rare paintings and art can be found. On the same road a theatre converted in to cinema, now called Ramprakash Cinema by the efforts of Mirza Islam, who was the Prime minister of Jaipur State. At a stage of time this cinema was intriguing thing but now it is closed and going to be verge of ruin. Just in front of this cinema, there is an historical hotel, called Shimla Hotel. Building of this hotel attracts the attention of visitors. There is an Employment office in campus of Gupta College & temple related offices are there in Temple of Lord Ramchandra Ji. Offices of Transport companies & shops for crackers are the icon of this market. And small shops of painters can be found here easily. At the turn of a street named Bhatton there is a police station for women. The vast gate of Sirhdyodi is fist entrance gate of Palace. By this gate which leads us Jaleb chauk, Jantar Mantar, City palace and Govind Ji temple can be reached. At last of Market there is a famous temple of Kale Hanuman Ji. If you are visiting Hawamahal you can enjoy Pandit Ji ki Kulfi, Sharma Wale ki Lassi, and delicious and cheap meals at the Kailash Restaurant. Nearby Shimla Hotel there is a branch of SBBJ and an ATM.

Chaura Rasta

Located between Tripolia gate to new gate. It is parallel to Johri Bazaar. Sawai Man Singh Library is situated at the one end of Chaura Rasta and at other end of it, there is a Golcha Cinema. The main icon of this market is Publishing Houses and Book Shops. Here you can find the books for schools & colleges and your favourite Literature. Here you can find hundreds of Printing Press due to the abundance of publishing work. Beside of this you can find lots of shops for pens, rubber stamps, government & private official forms & registers, photocopy and painting stuffs. In addition there are so many showrooms for watches and glasses in Chaura Rasta where you can find branded watches, wall watches, stylish sunglasses and glasses for eye side. There is a film colony in front of Golcha cinema in this market where medicine business takes place. There are so many ATMs for different banks and SBI bank. There is famous temple of Tadkeshwar Mahadev. It remains carnival like atmosphere during spring season also there are temple of Radhadamodar ji, Goverdhan ji and Saibaba where a stream of devotees is always set. In same market, famous salty sweets of Shankar wale & sugarcane juice by the name of Madhuras can be found. On the pedestrian way of Chaura Rasta you can see the shops for clay pots & toys made by clay. Seeing the beauty of clay pots, flower pots, chandeliers and many decorative accessories by which passers are forced to stop here. A Street adjacent to Chaura Rasta, Lalji Saand ka Rasta, is full of the shops progressing with women’s wear. Enticed by the beauty of this market some experts have done their some parts of serials & movies been filmed here. With narrow streets and full of colored dresses, this market looks more beautiful by a camera click. In the premises of Golcha cinema, you can taste delicious dishes, in the restaurant.

Baapu Bazaar, Nehru Bazaar, Indira Bazaar

From Ghat Gate to spread out with Topkhana desh, the markets also include in the main markets of Jaipur city. Between Ghat gate and Sanganeri gate, Sanjay Bazaar, between Sanganeri gate and New gate Baapu Bazaar, between New gate and Ajmeri gate, Nehru Bazaar, and from Ajmeri gate to end of Topkahan desh, Indira Bazaar are located. In these four markets the most prominent & prosperous market is Baapu Bazaar. It attracts mainly women. Because almost all the accessories and cosmetics which women die for is very easy to avail. It includes Begru and Sanganeri print garments, base, bridal dress, saris, suit, handbag, bangles, sandals, watches, jeans, tops and women's apparel with Modern look. Also there are good numbers of cosmetic shops. Large number of girls and women has given rise to many small businesses such as beauty Parlors, henna shops, snacks and ice cream shops and fruit diet in Baapu Bazaar. Saraogi Mansion, located in the corner of the complex is found in fast Eligible snacks and fruits. Women are crazy about here’s Saboodana ki Khichdi. In Baapu Bazaar, ladies tailors, Framing, Handloom, Artificial Jewelry and shops for sweet suparies, having very much importance in women. At the corner of Sanganeri gate, an old sugercane juice shop welcomes visitors with its fresh juice. Located between the New gate and Ajmeri gate, Nehru Bazaar mainly has electrical appliance shops. Also in this market their shops of fabrics for gents, suits and tailoring shops. Indira Bazaar is spread out from Ajmeri gate to Topkhana. In this market there is huge number of shops of readymade garments for kids and adults. As well as shops of Mobile phones and its accessories are also present. Here a small & narrow market attached with Parkota, which has been engaged with the two-wheeler accessories and servicing works. Sanjay Bazaar is spread out from Ghat gate to Sanganeri gate. Every Saturday there is Hatwada kind of weekly bazaar and also some shops are for Iron and Tin. It’s not a totally developed market.

Other Markets and Streets of Parkota

These were the main markets of Parkota in Jaipur city. Apart from this every street of Parkota is known as for its own special things. In other markets there is a Ramganj Bazaar located between Badi Chaupar and Ramganj Chaupar, in this market silver jewelery, betel – haath accessories, shoes, sandals, kurta pajamas, hot spices, vegetarian restaurants, Urdu books, clothing, Manihari, toys , crockery, plastic goods, Handloom etc shops are available. Adjacent to this market is Dadha Market there are hundreds of small shops for garments of kids, women and women cosmetics. Between, Chaar Darvaja, eastern side of Ramganj Chaupar, and Ghat gate in southern region, a market spread out which takes place mostly for iron window, door, building material, sofa chairs, shelves and boxes. In area of Subhash Chauk shops are for bakery, Electricals, paint & painting, two-wheeler servicing, Plumbing, Medicals etc. in same area Achrol House you can found valuable carpets. From the time of Sawai Ram Singh the colored and royal designed carpets are the main attraction of foreign tourists. Also in Nahargarh road and Gangauri market artificial Jewelry, Manihari, crockery, musical instruments, scarves, zari – Gotay, Handloom, jute, bamboo and plastic household appliances, etc are found in large quantity. In addition, the market is known as the wholesale market for cosmetics and jewelry. So many small markets are there in streets of city. The streets are known for the availability of specific objects. In theses Bhindon ka Rasta, Khajane walo ka rasta, Kalyan Ji ka Rasta, Marble Statues in Baba Harishchandra Marg, Ghee walo ka rasta in Johri market, Haldiyon Ka Rasta, and ghee, cheese, spices, betel nuts, precious and valuable stones in Gopal ji ka Rasta, on Hawamahal road, Shewani and safe in khwas ji Ka Rasta, pottery,Kites in interior areas like Handipura and Mehron Ki Nadi, curtains, pillow covers and bed sheets in Malhotra ki gali, gold and silver work in Pannigran Mohalla nearby Subhash chauk, Colored Stone chips in Foota Khurra street of Ramganj, carpets in Koli Basti, glass and Lakh made bangles in Manihaaron Ka Rasta in Tripolia, copper, brass and metal ware in Thatheron Ka Rasta, shoes, sandals & many things are easy to get in Telipada Street of Chaura Rasta. Apart from this in Aatish Market, adjacent to Tripolia Bazaar, Windows, Doors, Water tank, Fiber sheet, Bathroom, Toiletries & Plumbering related goods can be found. As well as there are shops for glass cutting & glasses using in furnishings. There are so many rich markets developed outside of Parkota in Jaipur city. In these markets the most prominent is MI Road. The charm of this market is watchable. There are the big showrooms of International products in this market. The Sansaarchandra Road, Raja Park, Aadarsh Nagar, Malviya Nagar, Tonk Road, Vidhyadhar Nagar area’s markets have their own identity.

When and How to Hover

Strolling in markets of Jaipur is a different enjoyment. But if you are an outsider and are unfamiliar with Jaipur so you must gather some information regarding the city. The essential thing is that mostly markets are closed on Sunday. Different different parts of some markets are closed on Tuesday. If you want to shop in markets then you should know the timings of opening and closing of these markets. Markets of Jaipur open up by 11 am in morning and close till 8 pm at night. There is a heavy footfall in markets of Parkota. May be there are chances not to park your four wheelers if you came with your four wheelers. So you can park your vehicles in Jaleb Chauk of City Palace and then enjoy markets. These ancient markets of jaipur are connected and close to each other. So by walking in these verandahs shopping can be enjoyed. Transport facilities are also available here in plenty. Here a Taxi stand at Badi Chaupar & Chhoti Chaupar from where you can get an auto. Also low-floor & private buses are available here till 10 pm at night. In markets, photography or video-graphy is free of cost but before taking pictures of private properties, Hawelies, Temples & Buildings permission is necessary of authentic persons.

These prosperous markets of Jaipur are the result of Emperor’s supervision. By which architectural it was built up, certainly it proved that it is lucky for Jaipur. Today Jaipur counts in the rich & prosperous city of world. The main reason is that when these markets are decorated on Deepawali then it seems like a rain fall of sparkling Ruby & Pearls from Sky. It’s rare to find, this kind of mix pattern of culture & Commerce elsewhere in world.

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