Gangauri Bazaar, Jaipur

gangori bazar

At heart, India is swarming with a wealthy cultural legacy and tradition. Jaipur, popularly known as the Pink City of Rajasthan is genuinely a shoppers' safe haven. Shopaholics can unearth several kinds of handicrafts, clothing, jewelry and even carpets in the bazaars of Jaipur. Jaipur symbolizes the prosperous and animated lifestyle and convention of Rajasthan. This city bestows the most excellent, time-honored Rajasthani artwork and materials that are famous all around the world. Jaipur is the best place to shop different kinds of products such as tie-n-dye & bandhej sarees, kurtas and other ethnic clothing that are most admired for their unique designs and patterns. Jaipur is also renowned for its jewelry that has a gorgeous amalgamation of traditional and fashionable styles with Kundan & Thewa being the most well-liked. In Jaipur, you can spot several stores where you can discover numerous things that furnish to the genuineness and unique flavors of Rajasthan.

Not counting the famous citadels, fortresses, museums and gardens of Jaipur, it is also famous for Bazaars or markets places. The bazaars in Jaipur have obtained great interests of the tourists owing to its diversity and adaptability. In addition to offering a reflection of the olden times and lifestyle of Jaipur, these bazaars offer a glance into the life of common citizens who are far-off from the splendid and sumptuous life of fortresses. The major of these bazaars in Jaipur are renowned for its departments. One such best bazaar/market place in Jaipur is known as the Gangauri Bazaar.

Gangauri Bazaar, Jaipur:

Basically, Gangauri Bazaar has a wide street. Parking facilities for the public transportation are available on the left side of Choti Chaupad. If you observe the Gangauri Bazaar walkways vigilantly, you can see quite a lot of fruit and vegetable vendors selling their produces on the left side of the street. Gangauri Bazaar has got its name after the well-known Gangaur festival, a vital regional festival that is illustrious in Jaipur city. This spring festival is usually celebrated in reverence to the deity Gauri, the divinity of wealth. While Gangaur festival is celebrated all over Rajasthan with great fervor, the celebrations in Jaipur have their unique charisma and magnetism. Vivid images of Gauri, wonderfully adorned and garlanded, are taken out in a parade with the town band nearby. Numerous people from the rural areas arrive at Jaipur to be a part of the parade. The avenues of Jaipur are also arrayed with identical shops. However, the interesting aspect here is that there are as several short-term shops on the roadway during this festival. The roadway shops look as if they dominate the stretch from Choti Chaupad all the way to the Gangauri Bazaar. While vendors mainly will be selling vegetables and fruits in Gangauri Bazaar, shops that sells inexpensive furniture created from packing crates, molasses, grain, and several recycled wood can be found at the rear. You can also buy the Indian type relaxing chair known as “mudha” in Gangauri Bazaar. Gangauri Bazaar is a market popular for its sensible prices.

Attractive Wooden handicrafts in Gangauri Bazaar, Jaipur:

Gangauri Bazaar is a vibrant market crammed with wide-ranging products of wooden handicrafts in Jaipur. The beautiful wooden crafts from Jaipur are famous around the world. The dexterous artisans of Jaipur produce superb handicrafts with wood. Wood carving is a unique art of creating statues with wood, using different tools and methods. Skillful hands of artisans produce real magic on wood. Fine-looking wooden furniture, beautiful decorative, trinkets and unique art on wood produces a magnum opus. There are innumerable wooden pattern carvings like floral and botanicals, legendary, seafaring, landscapes, animals and so on. The most recent form engrossed is 3 dimensions. The furniture that is famous in Jaipur range from time-honored to modern. The handcrafted furniture of Jaipur is notorious for its sturdiness, splendor and quality.

The wooden engraved goods such as stands, pots, frames, trays, bowls, vases, and numerous other decorative items are very famous in Jaipur bazaars. Wooden furniture takes up a key portion of every house in Jaipur. It ranges from furniture, doors, great assortment of kitchenware, cabinets and much more. The items of wooden handicraft are available in an immense variety, all over the city.

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