Evening dress: Choosing a right attire for right occasion

The term evening dress generally used for the dress to be worn by women for night time events such as the opera, formal dinners, cocktail parties, and wedding receptions. But now things have changed, both men and women now want to get noticed from the crowd. Men have now become particular in choosing their evening attire. The meaning of the evening dress is changed and expanded greatly and it’s no longer means a stuffy shirt, a tie and black coat for men or a princess like ball gown for women. Whatever is the occasion there are few rules to follow if you are choosing your perfect evening dress. For women, the time of the year and type of your body is the major factor in making the right choice for your evening dress. Men should choose an outfit that can complement their partners dress. For example, if the woman is wearing a white dress or light colour dress then her partner should try a black or blue suit.

What are the types of Evening Dress ?

If you are thinking what type of evening dress will be good for you? The choice for a best evening dress for you depends upon your requirements and budgets.

In the world of women’s evening wear, dresses rule the field. For a semiformal occasion or a black tie event like a wedding party a knee long dress or slightly below knee or a shorter cocktail dress will be the best choice. Cocktail dress can also be worn for a dance party. While for a formal or a white tie function, a full length or ankle length dress would be the best choice.

Evening dress for men always includes some sort of suits. However the depending upon the formality of event, suit may look more or less elaborate and accessories associated with the dress. Formal business attire for men include a suit of wool or silk, in navy blue, black, grey colour and a vest can accompany the suit. For semiformal occasion or black tie, men can go for tuxedo with cummerbund and a formal shirt. For white tie occasion, men should wear a coat with tails, black trousers with satin stripes sewn onto the outer seams, white bow tie and cuff links in gold or similar material.

Things for women to be taken care of while choosing the Evening Dress .

No matter what is the colour and material of your dress, what type of dress you are putting on, your dress needs one thing to shine and that’s elegance. The right evening dress is the one that can enhance your figure and make you look more fascinating. While choosing your night dress certain things should be taken care of. Below are some tips that can help you to get a dream dress and make you feel alluringly lovely.

  • Don’t complete fall for the fashion trend, choose the dress according to your body and comfort level. Ideal evening dress is the one which fits your physique nicely.
  • Various colours suits different skin tones. Right shade of evening dress takes look to the height of charm.
  • Right kind of footwear can enhance the beauty of your dress.
  • To highlight your dress, choose an appropriate jewellery, hairstyle, hand bag etc.
  • Neckline has an effect on your entire appearance in the dress. There are three appealing neckline styles including strapless neckline, spaghetti straps neckline and halter neckline. You should choose the style that fits your body form.
  • Men can use hats complementing there suit.

Buy an evening dress according to your comfort level. If you are comfortable and bold enough to carry a dress without shoulder, thigh long slit dress then should definitely try one of those dresses. Choose you accessories accordingly Keeping in mind that elegance is the paramount element in making the evening dress pop and shine.

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