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Dabu and Bagru block Print

. Dabu and Bagru Block printRajasthan Tourism Buzz takes you the historic process of Dabu and Bagru block print in a tiny and a primitive textile and print pioneer village known as “Akola” placed 60 kms away from Chitthorgarh. This  adds a touch of ancient world Rajasthani charm to your shopping requirements. The process starts with the addition of an exclusive kind of clay paste known as “Dhabu”. Afterwards, this design is sketched onto the setting cloth. Then it is enclosed in a  unique clay with the aid of wooden blocks . Thereafter the saw dust is dotted. The saw dust glues to the cloth as the clay dries. Later, the cloth is equipped to be dyed in the selected colors. The designs enclosed by the Dhabu remain neutral and once the dyeing process is finished, the cloth is dried then washed to get rid of the clay mixture. Now, this cloth can be dyed in a lighter color to offer the patterns and a few color as well.

It is such a long-lasting and manual process, but the outcome is more than worth it! The end product , a bit of Indian heritage  cannot be simulated by machine . A stunning garment to wear too! The completed material creates the heart and soul of the clothing collection, noticeable in attentive detailing and highlighted in dark colors against bleak milieu.

Dabu & Bagru Block Printing – The exclusive Art of Rajasthan

Gorgeous embossed designs found on the cloth scraps in the carcass of Mohenjo Daro. Which was a prehistoric city of Indus Valley Civilization. It proves that block printing in India was used as past as 3000 B.C. This manual, thorough process is still used in 21st century by numerous artisans that turn India one of the major companies of block printed fabric. One of the main forms of block printing consists of the Dabu & Bagru Block printing of the Rajasthan. In the midst of the desiccated, unfruitful desert land are places copious of color, legacy and culture. Bagru is a small village placed 30 kms south-west of Jaipur. The populace of Bagru is the Chippa community who has been into the block printing art form for almost 350 years. Akola is a small village that is 60 kms away from Chitthorgarh where the initial forms of Dabu printing were practiced.

Dabu is a type of mud-resistant block printing which is practiced primarily in Rajasthan. The distinctiveness of Dabu print lies in its awe-inspiring eminence and look. In addition, the printing involves plenty of natural dyes and pastes that are created from vegetables which makes it environmentally responsive. The procedure of creating these printed fabrics comprises a lot of manual labor and absolute uphill struggle. It starts by combining an extraordinary clay paste known as “Dhabu”. A specific design is then printed on the cloth and is wrapped up with wooden and clay blocks after which the saw dust is dotted. After drying the cloth, it is dyed with the preferred shade. After dying the cloth, it can be dyed with a lighter shade to offer patterns as well. The process is so prolonged and manual that the outcome is worth it.

Bagru is a name that is derived from the word “Bagora”. Bagora is the name of an island where the city was built initially. It is renowned for palm aficionados and flat patterns. Bagru block printing is generally practiced by the neighboring women folk.

Bagru prints can be distinguished by their wealthy color prints and patterns. Using indigenous methods of dyeing and printing beautiful colors such as, indigo blue, alizarin, bright yellow etc. are informed to the cotton fabric. The 3 main colors in Bagru include maroon, red and black. Patterns engage geometric patterns mixed with flora, bird and animal forms. Now, Synthetic dyes have been substituted with some of the natural dyes but the process of making the concluding products persists to be the same. Some of the styles and motifs have been adapted with the varying trends. New bases such as fabrics, layouts and motifs are now tested rather than silk and cotton as the traditional bases.

With numerous institutes like the National Institute of Hand printed Textiles, NID, NIFT and other boutique exporters and owners, this long-established form of block printing is being encouraged. With alternations in traditional market the chippa community has productively adapted to its customer’s requirements. Massive and thrilling range of Dabu & Bagru print Stoles and Dupatta’s attract the buyers. This season brings Dabu & Bagru Hand block printed Soft mul mul Dupattas & Chanderi Cotton silk to attract the shoppers.

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