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yun yeon jae – a multi-talented person

One must have heard about the platoon kunsthella’s building in seoul, korea which exemplars the perfection in the fusion of art and fashion mixed together to create extravaganza in both the worlds. This art gallery is the perfect destination to feel the ambience of fashion moulded with art. In peculiar, the place is a pleasing temple for art and fashion lovers where they can experience the best creativity and innovations by the Korean people. On the second floor of the building, is the tiny little shop of a woman named yun yeon jae who sells handmade bracelets with her friends. Just as the building in extraordinary, the woman is a small packet filled with immense talent and creativity. The most significant and prominent talent defining her name is her hand made bracelets. Her hand made bracelets are the exemplars of brilliance in its own shell as it defines the connection of art with fashion. Her hand made bracelets are very famous and demanded by regulate and every first time visitor in the building. The quality and uniqueness in her bracelets is loved and appreciated by every visitor in the art gallery. Just as the platoon kunsthaella’s building is famous for its unique appearance compared to other art galleries, the same goes with the handmade bracelets made by yun yeon jae. This handmade bracelets made by her are perfect and different from ordinary looking bracelets. This is one of the factors why this woman is known in the building. Talking about the next factor that makes this woman a packet of multi talent is her photography. One may say that making handmade bracelets is just her hobby. She is professionally known as the photographer in Korea. This itself defines how creative and innovative she is. When someone hears of a photographer, the ultimate thing which comes in mind is how creative that person will be. The same is with yun yeon jae who is professionally a photographer lets the whole world talk about her talent. The photography done by yun yeon jae speaks loud of her talent and her view that how she looks up to the world. With their photography of nature to the people she pours her feeling into the picture and demonstrates it as the piece of her own emotions and feelings. Being a photographer is as tough as being yourself. One can portray them with lot of makeup, but a photographer always tries to pour the inner self of the picture. With being a photographer, the lady also works as a model for part time. What can be more perfect than this? Yun yeon jae to reveal every moment of her life to be precious, she works as a model when she found herself free from her professional field. The life of a model is nowhere easy but includes many hardships and up downs to struggle. Yun yeon jae is one such lady who turned her life to be full of creative segments and beliefs to be an independent in herself. Being a model, professional photographer and selling handmade bracelets along is the exemplar of art meeting fashion which is the theme of platoon kunsthalle’s art gallery. It seems that the people pouring their talent in this art gallery they are inspired and motivated with the fusion of art and fashion. Every section thus, in the building serves the special attribute and feature contributing to the art and fashion together, the only difference lying in the field. Yun yeon jae is a matter of fact an entity in the building which is contributing her inner talent by selling the handmade bracelets, though being professional photographer and part time model.  

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