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The innovating and piece of hard work in the building platoon kunsthalle’s in nowhere untouched by the art and fashion lovers in the world. The building offers the best time to analyze how creative can a person be when mixing the two sectors of art and fashion together. The entire building is flourished with lots of innovations by resident people offering their creativity to other in many forms. One such innovation is offered by yun yeon jae. Yun yeon jae is the lady who sits on the second floor of the building with her friends. A question must be there in your mind, that who is yun yeon jae? And why this article emphasizes that her? Yun yeon jae is a women who sits on the second floor of the building with her friends and sells her creativity to the people. The next question can be what sort of creativity? Well her creativity is defined by her hand mad bracelets. The woman sells her own hand made bracelets sitting with her friends. Her creativity and contribution to the theme of the building is unique and amazing in its own nut shell. The handmade jewelry the woman makes is the piece of exemplar in itself which combines the art of making the jewelry along with fashion. The handmade bracelets by yun yeon jae is the combination of her talent in the form of art and then delivering it to the world of fashion in the form of bracelet. The handmade category defines the art of the woman, and the bracelet out of it demonstrates fashion. The efforts by yun yeon jae is easily noticeable with her efforts into making the amazing bracelets. Her bracelets are the piece of amazement which is loved and demanded by much local audience in the building. Her own efforts are countable to contribute to the fusion of art and fashion. Her efforts not making the handmade bracelets is a small piece of tiny contribution to the success and great innovation of art meeting with fashion under this roof of the building. The handmade bracelets in this building are a perfect exemplar of this building as it contributes the best of their level of creativity found under this roof. The building is treated as the gallery where visitors encounter the amazing combination art with fashion. Not just the ordinary art gallery, rather the building offers the treat of the eyes of the art and fashion lovers who feels refreshed after their trip to this building. The handmade bracelets by yun yeon je are one of the small but extraordinary segments in the tour of this building which commits the amazement of art meeting with fashion. Many Korean visitors and other international visitors have raised their choices of fashion and art to the next level after tripping the building. The handmade bracelets in this building by yun yeon jae may seem the small sector dedicated to the building, but the impact and impression that this woman has thrown to the visitors is nowhere compares to any other shell in the building. The most interesting and unique thing in the building demonstrate that every corner of the building extravaganza the unique and distinctive form of fashionable art which is never seen and experienced before. Thus, it is normal to say that the handmade bracelets by yun yeon jae are unique and the only type of art found in the building. The woman has happened to cultivate so many fans of her creativity, that the visitors inspires and applause her great work. Yun yeon jae other than making bracelets is the woman of today’s generation who work part time as the model and professionally is known as the famous photographer.

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