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Arrest warrant issued for Inspector Ratna

The Rajasthan state legislative Assembly issued an arrest order against female police inspector Ratna Gupta on Wednesday. The privilege committee of the state Assembly called up the station house officer of Jyoti Nagar police station and handed over Gupta’s arrest order to him. The committee has directed the police to produce Inspector Gupta on Thursday. The arrest warrant has been delivered to the DGP, said the chairman of committee Mr. Surendra Singh Jadawat. The committee has sent three to four summons to female inspector earlier but she did not comply. Therefore, the committee had to issue orders to arrest her.

The charges are, misbehaving with Women and Child welfare committee : Ratna Gupta, the then in charge of mahila thana Gandhi Nagar, is being accused of non-cooperation, misbehaving and not providing the records with the women and child welfare committee of the state assembly during their surprise inspection.  The committee had complained to Deependra Singh Shekhawat, the Speaker of Rajasthan state legislative Assembly and S.P. too for this matter. The speaker passed on the complaint to the committee on privileges.

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