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Kaniram Narsinghdas Tibrewala Haveli in Jhunjhunu

In the colorful state of Rajasthan, the Shekhawati district primarily includes the Sikar, Jhunjhunu and Churu regions. Shekawathi boasts great possessions of conventional arts, crafts and construction. This region is the existing hauler of the affluent artistic and imaginative traditions that were started and maintained to a greater degree by the courageous Rajput emperors of Rajasthan. The region of Shekhavati is renowned for its grandiose Havelis, fortresses and mansion that can be observed all over the district. The famous Kaniram Narsinghdas Tibrewal Haveli in Jhunjhunu district is a well-known Haveli in Rajasthan. Jhunjhunu is the chief township in the Shekhawati area and also the region’s directorial head quarters for that area. Jhunjhunu is placed at a distance of about 180 km from Pink city. Jhunjhunu was established by Khemkhani Nawabs around 15th century. Later, “Sardul Sigh”, the Rajput sovereign had power over of the town in the year 1730.

The grand Havelis in Shekhwati region are renowned for their frescos and murals. These Havelis are exemplified by sophisticated paintings that roofed every tiny part of the walls with convoluted minuscule paintings that symbolize the existence of Lord Krishna, the region’s wisdom, the local conquerors and even the masses.

The Olden times of Kaniram Narsinghdas Tibrewal Haveli in Jhunjhunu:

The Kaniram Narsinghdas Tibrewal Haveli in Jhunjhunu was constructed in the year 1883 by a business man named Narsinghdas Tibrewal. In olden times, the group of people called “Tibrewals” was the flourishing traders in Jhunjhunu region. During the second half of 19th century, the Havelis in Shekawati region were primarily constructed by the prosperous “Marwari” traders of Shekhawati who went to Calcutta and north-east parts of India in order to improve their trade businesses. The sumptuous Havelis including the Kaniram Narsinghdas Tibrewal Haveli in Jhunjhunu are the premium examples of brilliant craftsmanship of the past artisans. At present, a number of Havelis in Rajasthan have been rehabilitated into heritage hotels while some others are administered and taken care of the concierges.

The Admirable murals of Kaniram Narsinghdas Tibrewal Haveli:

The Kaniram Narsinghdas Tibrewal Haveli in Jhunjhunu has several fine-looking and exceptional objet d'arts and ancient wall paintings. The frescoes are expressive vivid and illustrate convoluted transformations that’s happening in the socio-economic state of affairs of Jhunjhunu. The artifacts of Kaniram Narsinghdas Tibrewal Haveli illustrate the revolutionized taste and methods of artist to their greatest skill. An outstanding painting of all is a train overloaded with farm animals crossing the passenger train. This picture is an example of varying traditions and modes of transportation for business people. A few frescoes in Kaniram Narsinghdas Tibrewal Haveli are made of gold with beautiful gold leafs.

You can notice a picture of a man wearing a turban on his hand while another man holding mirror for him in a wall of this Haveli. A beautiful image a man and a lady who passes a small baby among each other is a prominent picture that can be seen. Similar to other Havelis, the Kaniram Narsinghdas Tibrewal Haveli in Jhunjhunu also opens up into a patio that is bounded by passageways that leads to one more hug quad that’s delimited by terrace which show the way to the rooms.

The Kaniram Narsingdas Tibrewal Haveli is an emblematic illustration of few other identical Havelis in its construction. Similar to other Havelis, the Kaniram Narsingdas Tibrewal Haveli is also considered as one of the most appreciated edifices of Jhunjhunu district.

How to reach Jhunjhunu?

Jhunjhunu can be reached through train or bus services from Jaipur & Delhi. Jhunjhunu also has good lodges and hotels to stay. This town is a great hub to stay while traveling around the Shekhawati district.

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