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Laila – Majnu Ki Mazar – The Sanctified Tomb of the Timeless Lovers!

the-grave-of-laila-majnuThe undying love story of Laila & Majnu is an illustrious and heartrending tale that is no less than a fable. The romance of these lovers took on a touch of spirituality to be repeated for several generations. We all know that the long-lasting love story of Laila and Majnu has a heartbreaking end. Since these two young lovers were very well aware of the fact that they cannot be together in life, they sacrificed their love and of course, their precious lives for each other. Their love was altruistic and they did not hesitate even a split second to offer their lives for each other. People always like to call these lovers in one name as “Laila Majnu” without adding the word “and” in the middle of their names. The unlucky lovers commemorated their feeling of love for each other by surrendering their precious lives for the sake of their ceaseless love. Even today, the anguish and pain of these lovers can be felt by several people when the pitiful legend of Laila Majnu is narrated to them.

The Holy Tomb of Laila-Majnu in Rajasthan:

The “India- Pakistan” border is always noticed with a great dislike by many people as it strikes a chord regarding the unpleasant reminiscences of the separation of both the countries. On the other hand, we still boast a keepsake of love on the “India- Pakistan” border at a rural community in the metropolis of Anupgarh close to Sri Ganganagar. People believe that the immortal lovers “Laila and Majnu” took refuge in Rajasthan and had also breathed their last in a rural community of Rajasthan. The graves of these lovers are believed to be situated in “Bijnore village” (more or less 2 Km from the Pakistan), in the vicinity of ‘Anupgarh’ in the Sri ganganagar region. The graves of Laila & Majnu in this place are popularly known as “Laila Majnu Ki Mazar (or) Mausoleum of Laila Majnu”. In accordance with a legend related by the local villagers of Binjore, it is understood that Laila-Majnu are basically belong to Sindh. From Sindh, the lovers were believed to have run away from the grips of their parents to several parts of India and at last had lost their lives in Rajasthan. Some people believe that, the lovers died at Binjore due to extreme thirst while few others believe that Majnu was cruelly murdered by Laila’s Brother as soon as he found out that Majnu and Laila were in love with each other.

When Laila came to know about this cruelty, she immediately committed suicide and left her soul beside Majnu’s dead body.

A different story was also narrated by the villagers. The wealthy parents of Laila had forcefully married her to a prosperous person. The moment when Laila’s husband came to know about the love between Laila and Majnu, he defied Majnu and went forward to stab a sword into Majnu’s body. Miserably, it was Laila who passed away on that spot while defending Majnu. Soon after, mourned by looking the love of his life on the death bed, Majnu committed suicide himself at the side of Laila’s dead body. There are countless variations in the love story of Laila-Majnu. So, historians feel that these lovers are just fantasy characters.

Yearly Fair conducted at Binjore in accolade to the Immortal lovers:

Every year, on June 15th, a grand fair is conducted at Binjore in the “Layla and Majnun Ki Mazar” as a tribute to the never-ending love of Laila & Majnu. The mausoleum is a division of ancient graveyard of Hindus & Muslims. Previously, these graves were underneath a shed cover. Based on the fables told by the locals, several miracles changed many people as the devotees of the grave and from that time onwards, people started to visit this place to seek the blessings of Laila-Majnu. At present, an undersized room (or tomb) has been built in this place. A number of newlywed couples and lovers from several parts of India arrive at this place to seek the blessings of these legendary lovers even though there are no facilities in this area for people to stay overnight. The locals of this village believe that whoever visits the “Layla and Majnun Ki Mazar” will be blessed by the immortal couple to have a prosperous and happy love life in future. Visitors who come here place a ‘Chadar (fabric sheet)’ on the sacred memorial and offer their prayers to request the blessings of Laila-Majnu. Throughout the fair, free meals are offered by devotees to the visitors. At nighttime, several devotional songs are sung by the devotees. Albeit many historians disagree with the subsistence of Laila-Majnu and call them as legendary characters, it did not do much to diminish the enthusiasm and faith of mounting visitors who visit this place for a 2 day yearly fair that starts from June 15th. The yearly fair conducted here is a sacrament that goes beyond the borders of religion as this place not only visited by Muslims & Hindus but Sikhs & Christians also come here to attend the fair.

Prior to the Kargil War, this holy place was open to the visitors from Pakistani also. However, at present it is not open for them. The reputation of this final resting place of these lovers is sky-scraping that even the BSF posts in this neighborhood are called as “Majnu post”.

The Endeavors of Rajasthan Government to maintain the celebrated tomb of Laila & Majnu:

After noticing the number of visitors assembling at the fair, the Rajasthan tourism government has planned a proposal to augment and upgrade the facilities in this village for the ease of visitors. Mr. Hanuman Mal Arya, the Director of Rajasthan tourism had also declared that many projects have been proposed to perk up the facilities at the boundary post of “Hindu Malkot” on the “India-Pakistan” border. In addition, as a fraction of this proposal, the government has decided to expend around 25 lakhs on the adornment of the crypt of Laila-Majnu


The emotional story of Laila Majnu is still considered to be a crucial part in the vibrant history and culture of Rajasthan. Even today, a number of couples believe that the “Layla and Majnun Ki Mazar” is an icon of never-ending love and factual promise for each other until the only time when death disconnects their spirits and souls.

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