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Finest Restaurants to dine in Delhi

Restaurant in delhi

If you are a person who always likes to enjoy ‘fiery’, tangy and mouthwatering food, then, it’s time for you to plan a visit to Delhi. The real food culture in Delhi is a blend of Mughal cuisine, North Indian cuisine, Punjabi cuisine and of course, the lip smacking street food. Many world famous restaurants in Delhi crop up with several artistic ways to present their special dishes to their customers from all around the world. Trust me! There are terrific places to devour in Delhi. The Restaurants in Delhi are premeditated to work with all budgets starting from fine dining to low-priced local eateries.

Get acquainted with some of the best restaurants in Delhi that can rouse your 5 senses!

Karim Hotel

Delhi’s ‘all-time’ favourite restaurant is the Karim Hotel. Karim Hotel has been long-established on its present site in the year 1913. At present, this wonderful restaurant is administered by the 4th generation people and is very successful in the hotel business. The interior decoration of this restaurant is not really attractive. On the other hand, the food that you get here will balance the ambiance of the hotel. In this traditional hotel, you can get reasonably priced “Mughal style” food at its best. Karim Hotel is situated in the Old Delhi. Also, it provides an enthralling spectacle into a another part of Delhi that many tourists may miss to observe.

Best dishes : The amazing ‘Dil Pasand’, Seekh Kabab and the ‘Dil Bahaar’, a mutton dish cooked in onions, yogurt and fresh Indian spices. Dil Bahaar is cooked without adding a drop of water.


Bukhara has gained a chain of tributes to its name. This restaurant has been chosen as the “Best Restaurant in Asia” and also as the “Best Indian Restaurant in the World” by a popular restaurant publication in the United Kingdom. Bhukara is very famous for its pastoral ambiance, ‘mind-blowing’ Kababs, and gigantic ‘Nann’ breads. Make sure to book reservations to dine in with your family.

Best dishes : If you are a Kabab-lover, you will definitely fall in love with the ‘Murgh Malai Kabab’ and the ‘Burrah Kabab’. The lip-smacking ‘Dal Bukhara’ made with black lentils that is simmered overnight with ginger, garlic and tomatoes will make you lick (literally) your dinner plate!!

Punjabi By Nature

Punjabi By Nature is a multi level trendy and graceful eatery where waiters are dressed in traditional ‘Punjabi’ outfit. The food that you get here is outstanding, and the portions are also generous. The ambiance of the restaurant is very friendly and welcoming. Punjabi By Nature is known for its exclusive preparation of Vodka “Gol Gappas”, the crispy fried shells that overflows with savory vodka and other interesting Indian spices. You can also find a bar on the upper floor of this restaurant. You can coalesce your shopping with dining experience together, as Punjabi By Nature is situated in an alluring and contemporary shopping complex.

Best dishes : Warm and soft Naan breads, Vodka ‘Gol Gappas’ and ‘Raan-e-Punjab’, the roasted leg of lamb.


Veda, the ‘well-known’ restaurant in Delhi will definitely make you visit again for its charming interiors. Mirrors, Candles, Overstated glass-work dome and Chandeliers will shine unsteadily and twinkle to grab your attention. Veda’s menu includes both contemporary and traditional Indian dishes. One more interesting feature of this restaurant is its infinite varieties of wine from various parts of the world. Veda is located in the heart of New Delhi.

Best dishes : Veda’s house speciality is leg of lamb. For foreigners, Veda has one more special (exclusive) menu that offers tiny portions of selected food varieties.

Park Balluchi

Park Balluchi is an Indian barbeque eating place that dwells in a glass building. This restaurant has a wonderfully landscaped park to get into the swing. Park Balluchi’s house specials comprise a Kabab made with cheese and vegetables and the squash dish (ballooned with herbs and cottage cheese) cooked in a traditional clay oven. Only a limited list of food options is available between 3:00pm and 6:00pm. It is a good idea to make reservations before you visit Park Balluchi.

Best dish : The yummy grilled chicken soaked in grilled farmer's cheese or saffron and overfed with dates, nuts, mushrooms and currants is to die for.

Chor Bizarre

In essence, Chor Bizarre aspires to imprison the strength and courage of a ‘robbers (Chor’s) marketplace’ that is found almost in every Indian metropolis. Chor Bizarre has an assorted compilation of food dishes that takes you to an ancient world’s atmosphere. Visitors might dine on an old sewing table and sit on uneven chairs. The salad bar in this restaurant used to be a classic ‘Fiat’ of 1950’s. This restaurant is a place that wakes up your inquisitiveness. Chor Bizarre grants an ‘Out of the ordinary’ eating experience for its guests. The restaurant’s main menu features the most excellent cuisine from the Northern part of India, that is to say, Kashmir. On the whole, Chor Bizarre will bestow an excellent dining experience for your cash. As a bonus factor, visitors can get a package tour that includes lunch and a guided (on-foot Delhi tour ) here.

Best dish : The traditional ‘Wazwan' banquet that comes with more than thirty sic main courses.

Moti Mahal Deluxe

Moti Mahal Deluxe is the dwelling of all Chicken lovers out there. The house speciality of Moti Mahal Deluxe is the Butter chicken or Chicken Makhni that is simmered with enormous tomatoes. However, the chicken curry and chicken tikka tandoori is also first-rate. Each and every meal served here will accompany Swifty pickled sour onions and the flaky rice flavoured with cumin. These dishes complement a superb side for most of the meals served in Moti Mahal Deluxe . This restaurant has both indoors and outside dining options in the patio.


Naivedyam is a traditional restaurant that serves ‘Udupi’ cuisine, a special method of vegetarian cooking from South India. You will start your feast with a pepper-flavoured soup called “Rasam”. Well-liked entree in Naivedyam consists of the South Indian favourite – ‘Dosas’ the oversize pancakes made with semolina and overstuffed with spicy vegetables and/or potatoes. You can also try a special rice stir-fry that is served in the midst of tomato-lentil stew and coconut chutney.

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