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Top 10 hotels in Delhi

Hotels in delhi

A good number of hotels in Delhi are extremely overpriced. India’s financial system had shifted from typical to a hysterical expansion in recent years. As a result, Delhi can hardly provide accommodations for the continuous invasion of any big business delegations from all over the globe, pass up travelers. Around October and March months of the year, you can see a lot of tourists visiting Delhi. Tourists visit Delhi owing to the supportable climatic conditions in specific months of the year. Nevertheless, the tourists have a great difficulty in finding a good accommodation unless they have made an advanced booking and/or ready to shell out “sky-scraping” hotel charges. However, if you do some advance research and preparation, there is a good way to find good hotels in Delhi city. If you feel that the heart of Delhi city becomes excruciating, try to hunt good hotels in remote areas of Delhi to take shelter in some of the famous forts and fortresses on Delhi border.

Ten Best Hotels in Delhi

1. The Taj Mahal Hotel : The Taj Mahal hotel recalls the picture of splendorous Mughal style buildings. The Taj Hotel is situated on ‘Mansingh Road’, which is a leading suburban area of New Delhi that is in close proximity to the India Gate. This hotel has 12 floors and has been constructed by using pink stonework. The hotel has 294 rooms, together with 28 suites. The Taj hotel’s design imitates the tradition of Mughal and Delhi with beautiful panels, domes, marble, golden hatch works and complex designs. On the whole, the Taj Mahal Hotel has a lively ambiance. This hotel is a the most favourite choice of both politicians and movie stars. The service offered at Taj hotel is also incomparable. You can reach the Taj Hotel by taking a 45 minute drive from the Delhi airport and fifteen minutes drive from the central Delhi city.

2. The Imperial Hotel : The Imperial hotel is known for its regal appeal and primeval ambiance. The Imperial Hotel is not only one of the finest luxury hotels in Delhi but also been renowned as one of the best hotels in Asia. This mind-blowing hotel has an inspiring filament of honors to its name. Lately, the Imperial Hotel has got a certificate for “fineness” from the Trip Advisor for the year 2012. Into the bargain, this amazing hotel is also evaluated as the number one hotel in Delhi by “Travel + Leisure USA”. The Imperial hotel is constructively situated in the hub of New Delhi, near the Janpath and Tibet market. The hotel is also well-situated for shopping. It takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes by car to reach the Delhi Airport. The total land area of the Imperial hotel is 8 acres. This vast land area makes it a quiet refuge in the eventful Delhi. This hotel is situated in a renovated ‘Victorian-style’ edifice which was constructed in 1930’s. This hotel provides deluxe lodgings (with 45 suites and 190 rooms) and also serve as a museum with a remarkable anthology of historical and art objects from the British.

3. The Shangri-La Hotel : The Shangri-La Hotel in Delhi is a modern luxury inn that is conveniently placed in the middle of the Delhi city. The Shangri-La Hotel can be reached by 45 minute drive from the Delhi airport. It is located in the center of the Connaught Place. This hotel is administered by a Hong Kong based chain of hotels. So, it is bedecked with a stylish and ‘up to date’ Asian enthused idea. The hotel’s lobby has beautifully decorated ceiling and is predominantly ‘attention-grabbing’. Horizon Club is a major attraction of the Shangri-La Hotel. It has 4 elite floors of premium rooms with luxurious lounge, business amenities and personalized services. Other prominent aspects of this hotel are its free 24 hour broadband internet access and complimentary extravagant breakfast that is served every morning.

4. The Oberoi Hotel : The famous Oberoi hotel in Delhi is basically a sumptuousness business hotel built exclusively for business purpose. The Oberoi hotel is vivacious and the restaurants in this hotel are very popular. In particular , the restaurant ‘Three sixty’ which serves a tantalizing range of global wines and cuisine is known for its quality and service. Even though the hotel’s “not-so-special” exterior is lacking in quality and charm of some other luxury hotels in Delhi, the Oberoi hotel balances with its first-rate service and facilities. This hotel has amazing sights from its top floors. The Oberoi hotel is situated on ‘Dr. Zakir Hussein Marg’ (outside the city center). It takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes drive to reach the Delhi airport. The Delhi city center is approximately twenty minutes away from the Oberoi hotel.

5. The Maurya Hotel : The ITC Maurya was once called ‘The Maurya New Delhi’. This hotel is a 5 star, deluxe hotel in Delhi. The hotel is named after the legendary ‘Mauryan” empire which created the golden era in India where culture, art and architecture thrived. This extravagant hotel has 440 rooms as well as 29 carefully-planned suites. The rooms in ITC Maurya are available in a cluster of room categories starting from the ‘Executive club’ which opens up a custom in corporate welcoming to the 8 lavish floors of stylishness and harmony. In essence, the Mauryan chamber coalesces the most excellent lavishness, service standards and space. This hotel has a good organization and a deep consideration for the essential requirements of the international voyages. The hotel’s premium room type has an ‘allergy-friendly’ atmosphere with glorious interior decoration, flawless service, and the most modern facilities and conveniences.

6. The Aman : The Aman is basically a lavish resort located in the heart of the city. This hotel is located in Lodi Colony in South Delhi. The plan of the Aman resort is modern and is harmonized with traditional Indian architecture. A person who wishes to relax in a private yet well-designed atmosphere with reasonably priced accommodation, then the Aman would be the best choice for him. The Aman hotel can also arrange package tours for tourists who stay there. The hotel has 39 rooms with private pools and 28 luxurious suites.

7. The Leela Kempinski Gurgaon Hotel : This Hotel has 90 residences. The Leela Gurgaon Hotel has 322 lavishly appointed, roomy, globally enthused and most modern guest suites and rooms that starts from 45 square meters. The residences, restaurants, hotel rooms, conference rooms, bars, public & party areas have been constructed to the most painstaking global standards by the internationally famous interior designer -Hirsch Bedner & his associates. All suites and rooms in the Leela Gurgaon hotel speak to the ambitions for grace and functionality demanded by the talented personalities and business delegates from all over the globe.

8. The Grand New Delhi : The Grand hotel is an incomparable amalgamation of a resort and hotel background. This hotel is outfitted with contemporary plan and present-day’s console and was recently renovated. The Grand hotel is located at the center of the city in close proximity to most of the major business and amusement places. It can be reached by a short drive from international and domestic airports. The hotel has 390 comfortable rooms together with one presidential suite, five serviced apartments and 24 business suites. The hotel bestows a broad selection of ‘well-appointed’ lodging for both business and leisure voyagers.

9. The Lalit New Delhi : The Lalit New Delhi is at the Connaught Place. The hotel has 18 floors and located conveniently close by the city’s major conference centers, business complexes, historic sights and of course, to the famous shopping destinations. Breathtaking decors, spotless services and excellent cuisine fuse to make the Lalit New Delhi as an interesting address of the Delhi city.

10. Radisson Suites : The Radisson suites hotel in Gurgaon is conveniently situated in one of the chief business hubs of India. Hence, this is an ideal hotel for both business delegates who visit the city (on a long tour) and general tourists. The Radisson hotel offers superior facilities, accompanied by a business area, broadband internet facilities, gym and personal caring service. This hotel competes with the best of all the other hotels in Gurgaon area. The Radisson Suites in Gurgaon have 32 roomy suites with modern facilities and inimitable services.

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