The Divine Brij festival in Rajasthan

Bharatpur has the household name and is the destination for wonderful cultural activities and happenings. Every year, Brij Festival or Braj Mahotsav is commemorated in Bharatpur, Rajasthan during the month of March, just one or two days before Holi festival. Brij festival is devoted to Lord Krishna and his much-loved Radha to make merry their divine love. Noticed by the zest of Holi, the carnival of colors, Brij Festival surrounds the locals with complete enthusiasm and energy. Brij festival is devoted to Lord Krishna. Throughout Brij festival all citizens and devotes of Deity Krishna get together at one spot and rejoice with plenty of keenness and dedication.

Key Magnetism of Brij Festival:

The major magnetism of Brij Festival is the Rasalila Dance, which reveals the never-ending love story of Radha & Lord Krishna. All dancers wear vivid costumes, and the locals of Bharatpur perform this Rasalila Dance with great devotion towards Lord Krishna & Radha. The entire town of Bharatpur will bloom on previous evening and on the day of Brij festival with the resonance of folk songs that fills the atmosphere and captivate people. Each and every person of the town play a part in in this Brij Mahotsav and are carried away by the lively flood. The whole town will be tinted in luminous colors and not a soul is spared from being speckled with different colors.

Outline of Brij festival:

Brij festival is completely devoted to deity Krishna who had lived in Brij most of the time in his early days. The festival is also an additional juncture for the locals to be proud of the wealthy Indian culture & legends. Brij festival is commerated with countless eagerness and keenness in the place called Brij which is situated in the Bharatpur district. The festival is celebrated for about 3 days in Shukla Paksha (the intial fortnight between New Moon Day & Full Moon Day) of Phalgun month as indicated by the Hindu calendar.


On the day of Brij festival, villagers will spray colors on each other and also will paint their houses in vivid colors. The key focus of the festival is the Raslila dance which was believed to be performed by Lord Krishna and his beloved Radha when they were in the instants of deep relationship and love. The live experience of villagers who perform this dance in long-established attires is enormously enjoyable. The reverberation of folk melodies & songs is a pleasure to hear.

Brij festival 2014:

The entire Brij region will liven up with exotic colors and colorful citizens will be filled with extreme joy. Since dance is repeatedly an artistic element of festival with stories and music, the Brij festival has promoted the opera and folk dance by a lot of professionals and proletarians. Neighboring people of Bharatpur and even the voyagers from all over the globe visit this place to observe the narrative. Overall, Brij festival showcases the conventional culture of Rajasthan.

An energetic and brilliant image of Rajasthan is represented through this Brij Festival which a traveler should never miss. So, mark your calendars to witness the colorful Brij Festival that will be held Feb 2nd to Feb 4th, 2014 in Bhartpur, Rajasthan.

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