Quench your excitement with a daring experience of Chambal Safari!

Exciting places thrills us, wake up our senses and ember our visualizations. Dholpur is a place in the Rajasthan. It is an awesome destination with copious outdoor recreation that offers unmatched natural prettiness. Situated in Rajasthan, Dholpur is a chief holiday spot that endows plenty of locations and spots that must be explored. Travel around the National Chambal Sanctuary, which is basically a safari that carries the voyagers in a 4-hour ride down the Chambal River, traveling past the Gharials lazing around on the sandbanks, quagmire turtles and crocodiles lying down on the sea rocks.

Raj Niwas Palace, Dholpur:

The Raj Niwas Palace, Dholpur is a perfect place for learning amazing facts about the National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary and its neighboring places, with picnics intended to attract all tourists starting from a bird lover to the wildlife aficionados. You can see the sights of National Chambal Sanctuary, which is also known as the National Chambal Gharial Wildlife Sanctuary. This sanctuary is a 5,400 km tri-state secluded area in the northern part of India for the very rare Gharial (tiny crocodiles), the red-coroneted roof turtle and the scarce huge river dolphin. Placed on the Chambal River near the tri-point of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, it was initially affirmed in Madhya Pradesh in the year 1978. At present, it constitutes an extended tapered co-administered, eco-reserve by the 3 states. Inside the refuge the immaculate Chambal River that cuts through labyrinths of narrow valleys and mounts with numerous sandy beaches. Chambal River is a renowned river and has a vital mention in prehistoric scriptures. The perennial Chambal starts off at Manpura, south of Mhow town, in close proximity to the Indore, on the south incline of the Vindhya Range in the Madhya Pradesh. The Chambal River and its branches deplete the Malwa region of northwestern part of Madhya Pradesh, while its stream, the Banas, which mounts in the Aravalli Range, drains southeastern Rajasthan. It ends in a junction of 5 rivers, as well as the Kwari, Chambal, Sind, Yamuna, Pahuj, at Pachnada in the vicinity of Bhareh in the state of Uttar Pradesh and at the boundary of Bhind & Etawah districts. National Chambal Sanctuary bestows better unearthing chances for Gharial & Dolphins. Also, the gorgeous and miscellaneous countryside of Chambal is perfect for birdwatchers, with more than 350 documented species, together with the skimmers, sarus cranes, black-necked storks and black-bellied terns.

Boat Safari:

Taking pleasure in a boat safari at the Chambal River, in the vicinity of Dholpur is any nature lover’s vision. The calm boat ride on the silent waters of the Chambal River in close proximity to Dholpur together with the theatrical countryside and close-up views of the astonishing profusion of wildlife is an indulgence to the eyes. The whole 26 Km. Safaris takes people inside the asylum and bestow you a possibility to vision Garials, crocodiles, and a lot of species of turtles.

The valley is even an effective heaven for the bird fans, where more than 150 avian species shall be noticed. Excite your senses and quench your excitement with a daring experience at the Chambal Safari in Dholpur. Begin your day by incursion into the wild. As the sun goes to bed, take your leave to the comforting limitations of private log cabin of RajNiwas Palace in Dholpur as it is the solitary destination for those searching for overall stillness and entertainment.

The veracity of marine life & fauna is the most excellent organic indicator of a river’s healthiness. In that account, the Chambal River shall be one of the wonderful of Indian rivers, that is secured by its inconsiderate narrow valley infected neighborhood and the desperadoes who flourished there. There are a lot of nature surveillance chances available for the visitors to Chambal and Dholpur River in the state of Rajasthan. The most excellent chances for unearthing and taking pictures of Gharial can be experienced by hiring a boat with skilled guide and a driver. They are available at more than a few areas down the river. A relaxing boat tour will also bestow a lot of beautiful views for pictures of water, shore birds and inimitable scenery.

Tiny Alligators:

The unique dedicated tiny fish-eating crocodilian, popularly known as the Gharial (Gavialis gangeticus) is the most preferred species in Chambal River. You can notice more than a few of these fine-looking (and significantly scarce) creatures that lie around on the banks of Chambal River. A number of these would be labeled with a red band that is tied to their tail which shows that they actually are released lately from the Gharial breeding center. A fascinating tale about the source of the unique name Gharial is that Gharial males have a round growth on the tip of their nose. This looks like a pot or “ghara” (in Hindi). For this reason, the name Gharial has evolved. Such an unambiguous sexual dimorphism cannot be spotted in any other alligator family. The luckiest visitors could also see a lot of turtles lying around on the small rocks sticking out of the river. Possibly, they take pleasure in the sunny days after several hours of deep suspension. In addition, the walking tracks in the narrow valley and down the river endow with the unique chances for close surveillance of the extensive diversity of plants & animals.

So, on your travel to Dholpur in Rajasthan next time, never miss the opportunity to view the statuesque spectacle of Chambal, its surroundings and the exceptional Gharials species.

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