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In essence, Ajmer city is located at the heart of the Rajasthan state. This place is eminent as the ‘Places of worship’ for the people who belong to Muslim and Hindu religion. In Ajmer city, the most famous spot is the renowned ‘Dargah Sharif of Sufi – the “Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti”. Every year, this place is visited by thousands of devotees. The city abides impersonations of countless traditions and cultures of its own accord. An outline of the Ajmer city discloses dissimilar greenery bordered by barren knolls.

History of Ajmer city

Ajmer city has an assorted history owing to repeated modifications of the decree power among different Rajput and Muslim empires. Ajmer city was established by “Raja Ajay Pal Chauhan” in the 7th century. Until 1193 A.D, the Chauhan supremacy kept hold on to the province. In the same year, ‘Prithvi Raj Chauhan’ – the local emperor of Ajmer city at that point in time was defeated at the combat with ‘Muhammad Ghori’. After that, the subsequent years, decades and even centuries observed continuous changes and was ruled by different supreme rulers. This left a wealthy heritage behind. Even today, one can observe a rich legacy at many places in Ajmer city.

Popular Tourist attractions in Ajmer:

In point of reality, the most important highlights of Alwar are the “Pilgrimage” places. To be precise, the “Dargah Sharif” is the most famous destination in Ajmer. Further, the city shows the way to the celebrated sacred spot – the ‘Pushkar’.

The Places of visit that are located in and around Ajmer city are listed below :

The Dargah : This stunning Dargah is located in the pedestal of the hills. It is one of the most visited pilgrimage destination in the entire Rajasthan. This tomb represents the grave of the notorious “Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chisti”. The Dargah has more than a few mosques and quads. The tomb is crowned by a dome that is built with white marbles and has colossal gateways that were constructed by the ‘Nizam of Hyderabad city’.

Pushkar Lake : This prominent lake of Rajasthan is situated in an undersized town – the Pushkar. Pushkar is about 11 kms away from Ajmer city. Approximately, there are five hundred temples located on the banks of Pushkar lake. The lake takes in the spirituality and sanctity on all sides. There are about fifty two Ghats that join the string of holy places. All these temples were constructed by the former emperors of different provinces of Rajasthan. Also, numerous temples and Ghats have been named after the creators. The lake water of Pushkar is well thought-out to be sacred by the people who belong to Hindu religion. Every year, thousands of pilgrims arrive at this place to offer their prayers. The most popular Pushkar fair is conducted in the November month of the year during the “Kartik” festival and is a special lure to watch. You might visit and see a lot of Rajasthani celebrations in the whole week of the Pushkar extended animal fair.

Taragarh Fort : The Taragarh Fort is well-known as the ‘Star Fort’. This fort was built in the 12th century and it is located on the peak of a hill. The Taragarh Fort was constructed by ‘Ajaypal Chauhan’ in the year 1100 A.D. The fort offers a fantastic view of the whole Ajmer city. Owing to its premeditated height and position, the Taragarh Fort was believed to be a fort that cannot be conquered until the end of time.

Nasiyan Temple : This temple is situated on the ‘Prithviraj Marg’ and is generally known as the “Red Temple”. This temple is as a famous attraction in the surroundings of Ajmer city.

Shah Jahan's Mosque : This awe-inspiring mosque is situated in the internal quads of the ‘Dargah’ at Ajmer city. The Shah Jahan's Mosque was built by using the architectural style of the Mughal. The mosque stands at an amazing tallness of about 41 meters and also has 11 giant arches. The Shah Jahan's Mosque is crowned by a splendid marble dome. It is believed that this dome was built with the same marble as the marble used for building the world famous Taj Mahal. Both marbles were assumed to be extracted from the same quarry or mine.

Camel and Horse Safari : The enthralling Camel ride is one of the most excellent delights in Rajasthan. At Pushkar, many places will present this exclusive opportunity to all tourists to travel around the sand stretches on the boat of the barren regions. Apart from the camel ride, you can also get horse safaris in this place.

Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra : At this moment in time, this prehistoric mosque is in a wreck. The ‘Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra’ is one of the prehistoric ‘Indo-Islamic structures in Northern part of India. The building is believed to be a Sanskrit association once and was restructured and transformed by the Muslim raider ‘Muhammad Ghori’. There are 7 arches that lines up the front elevation of the mosque. The whole building was built over the pillars. A surprising detail about these pillars is that no 2 pillars look identical. There are contradictory statements or tales about the name given to this building. A few people believe that the mosque was built in just 2 ½ days. “Adhai” stands for the number 2 ½ . So, “Adhai Din ka Jhonpra” means “ Two and a half day country house”. On the other hand, a different description about the building says that a 2 ½ days fair is accountable for the name of the mosque.

Travel guidelines:

Ways of Transportation:

  • By Air : Jaipur Airport is the closest point to reach Ajmer. It is situated more or less 138 kms away from Ajmer. The Jaipur airport is a domestic airport and is well-connected to all big metropolis of India.
  • By Train : Ajmer city has a railway station. So, the trains that arrive from Delhi often will have a halt in Ajmer city.
  • By Bus : Ajmer city is connected to most of the neighboring cities such as Bikaner, Jaipur, Delhi, Agra, Bharatpur and so on. Also, long distance bus facilities are accessible from all these cities.

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