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The Kishangarh is almost 105 km from Jaipur and it is well connected with railway route and National Highway no-8. Transportation is not a problem here. If we talk about the accommodation facility in the Kishangarh then there are many options available. The budget hotel is also available and mostly hotels in kishangarh are not very expensive. If your accommodation budget is around 3000 Rs then, I would suggest you to go for Royal heritage hotel. Its hospitality, rooms, cuisine and other facility are fabulous and it has a pool facility also. If your budget is above 3000 bucks then you can go for Phool Mahal Palace but for this palace you have to book your room in one week advance and if you are looking for budget hotel then there are many options available.

History of Kishangard

Kishangarh is a beautiful place in Ajmer District. Earlier Kishangarh was known as Krishnagarh (bastion of lord Krishna). It is divided into two parts- old city and new city. The Kishangarh was founded by Jodhpur prince Kishan Singh in 1609 and earlier it comes under Jodhpur homestead. It is a precious heritage which has an evidence of Rajputana homestead. The present Maharaja of Kishangarh is H.H Brajraj Singh Bahadur. This place is not only famous for its white sandstone (marble) but also famous for many things like scenic beauties, art and crafts, sweets, temples, royal heritage, etc.

Gundalao Lake : Kishangarh has a beautiful lake known as the Gundalao Lake (Gond Talab). Initially the water level of this lake was decreasing day by day because of farming of water chestnuts (Singara Friut), so government took a strong step to abolish the farming of water chestnuts on the lake. Now the water level of this lake comes at an apt level. When the sunlight hit on the water of this lake its look like that this lake is full of pearls and that’s look incredible.

Kishangarh mainly has two Forts-

Phool Mahal Palace & Majella Palace : The Phool Mahal Palace is now converted into a heritage hotel. It is situated on the surface of Gundalao Lake and it has scrumptious fresco paintings accompanied by modern amenities. It has an incredible range of Rajasthani traditional cuisine including veg and non- veg. Its royal traditional ambience makes you feel like Maharaja (king). The Majella Palace is a very big royal empire of H.H Brajraj Singh, surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges. H.H Brajraj Singh and his family are living in the Majella Palace that’s why it is not open for tourists.

Kishangarh Temples : Kaali maa, Khoda Mata, Pitamber ki Gaal and Khoda Ganesh ji are eminent shrines of the Kishangarh. Kaali maa temple is situated on slightly hilly area near Gundalao Lake. This temple was built by cutting down the mountain, that’s the beauty of this temple. Pitamber ki gaal and khoda mata temple is situated on kishangarh- nasirabad highway and it is almost 17 km from kishangarh main city. Pitamber ki Gaal is a temple of Shreenath Ji bagwan (lord Krishna) and people believes that shreenath ji stayed at this place when he was going to Nathdwara after that this temple was built. The khoda Ganesh Ji temple is situated approx 18km from main city. It is one of the oldest and eminent temple of the Kishangarh. Mostly newly wedded couples come here for their successful marriage life.

Bani Thani is a perfect example of the Kishangarh art. It is a portray of a lady who was a mistress of H.H Swanat Singh (King of Kishangarh). She has a beauty which was unquestionable. The slanted eyes, thin curved sensuous lips and long neck with beautiful curvy waist are the trait of this painting. It is very popular in all over the world and this style of paintings is exported in a various countries. The kishangarh is also very popular for its White sandstone (Marble), it has the biggest market of marble in Asia where more than 9000 marble seller and manufacturer are situated. In this market you can see the incredible range of stones in a various colours like kota marble, makrana stone, Italian stone etc. Here you will find the different products or showpiece which is made from marble like fountain, wall watch, tables, chairs, statues of deity and animals etc.

The kishangarh is also famous for its sweets specially Makhan Bada and Petha. I would like to tell you about those places where you can find some best sweet, The Paharia Sweets and namkeen which is situated at Main road chauraha. It’s not just a sweet shop it has restaurant with proper dining facility and the Namkeen and Makhan bada are the speciality of this place. In the old city there is very famous shop which is known as Chandershekhar ki Dukhan. It is basically a sweets shop and it offers you a very delicious mouth-watering sweet like Petha, Rabdi and ‘Lassi’. It is not a very big shop but it is his taste which makes him famous.

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