The Appealing Alwar Festival of Rajasthan – 2014

The state of Rajasthan is well-known for noticeable desert area. Possibly, Alwar is the only area where vegetation rules the landscape. Alwar was called as “Matsyanagar Sehingga” before Indian got Independence. The monarchs of Alwar, Dholpur, Karauli and Bharatpur were blended to sort the brief “United Empire of Matsya”. There is dissimilar establishment of notions on the basis of the fashionable name of Alwar. A few people declare that it is a data file crime mistake of Salwapur, where Salwa is the name of a group people who lived here. But some others state that it is a data file crime mistake of Aravalpur where Aravallis is the mount assortment funtioning through the area.

Alwar is one of the principal destinations of Rajasthan. Commonly stated as the opposition Checkpoint of Rajasthan, this municipality is the Camel Driver. Alwar acts as a huge part in journey & holiday of Rajasthan. Stunning mansions, fashionable castles & creatures of Alwar make it a noteworthy spot of Rajasthan Tourism. Generally called as the “terra firma of tigers”, Alwar is a captivating city positioned at the foothills of the Aravali mountain ranges.

Festivals of Alwar:

There are innumerable festivals in Alwar region that are commemorated by the people, which are an essential element of the socio-cultural existence of the metropolis. The festivals of the Alwar are not only well-liked in the city but from corner to corner the entire state of Rajasthan. The chief festivals of Alwar are Alwar Festival, Mahavir Jayanti, Sawan Teej, Jagannathji Fair, Laldas Maila, Bhartrihari, Chuhar Sidh, Bilali Fair and Sahibji ka Maila.

Alwar festival:

Alwar festival is an instance to enjoy copious numbers of entertainment and gratification for 3 continuous days which is planned to happen in the area starting from February13th to 15th, 2013. The festival offers a massive chance to observe the folk music, culture, multihued traditions and handicrafts of the district. This Alwar festival is liked to a range of folk music and handicrafts. It is an essential part of the cultural ritual of the area. The managerial body of Alwar arranges this fiesta.

Magnetisms of Alwar Festival:

A few of major attractions of the festivity are the elephant polo, different kinds of kids activities such as fancy dress competitions, coloring activities, exhibition of conventional Alwar handicrafts and a film show that spotlights on the cultural prosperity of the city.

Sawan Teej:

On the other hand, the Sawan Teej, one of the famous festivals at Alwar is celebrated to greet the onset of the rainy months of August. On this instance, the locals of the area offer reverence to Deity Parvati. People pray goddess to offer them a superior matrimonial life. All women of the town sing a variety of devotional songs to rejoice the onset of torrential rain. Wonderfully festooned swings are hung from trees on this special celebration.

Mahavir Jayanthi:

The Mahavir Jayanti is another chief festival that is rejoiced in Alwar. This festival is celebrated to pay respect to Mahavira, the very last Tirthankara of Jains. The festival is rejoiced in the March or April months of the year. The local district administration in alliance with Rajasthan tourism systematizes Mahavir Jayanti to endorse sightseeing and emphasize the wealthy cultural legacy of Alwar. The Mahavir Jayanti is conducted during the month of February and starts with the gigantic parade down the streets of Alwar.

Shilp Gram:

Basically, Shilp Gram, the handiwork village is systemized by the Alwar chairman and Collector of the festival agency to display the hand-made things and to emphasize on the notion to encourage the labor-intensive skills. It holds an assortment of events, together with elephant polo, coloring competitions for kids, flower show and fancy dress competition. The interesting, uncommon and traditional items of the region are displayed in this event.

Alwar placed in the foothills of Aravalli mountain, is the entrance of Rajasthan. The festivals of Alwar offer the most excellent chance to display the folk culture, handicrafts, multicolored traditions and music of the area. This festival also highlights more on the pastoral activities of the neighboring folks thus offering a real image of the area.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bag and travel towards the beautiful city of Alwar!! This year, the Alwar Festival is celebrated starting from Feb 13th to Feb 15th of 2014.

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