Marwar Festival

Marwar Festival in Rajasthan

Marwar is a unique part of the state of Rajasthan that thrive with the gallant stories similar to the other parts the states. Marwar is located in Jodhpur which is best visited during winter season as it will be at the best, if you visit Marwar during September and October months, then, you can certainly can be an element of the 2 day Marwar Festival. At the time of Marwar Festival, Jodhpur the Blue City, performs fine by the dramatization of the intransigent gallantry of the valant conquerors of the state.

Basically, the Marwar festival is celebrated in the reminiscence of the conquerors of Rajasthan and the festival is devoted to the dance and music of the Marwar district. The talented folk artists will do all the fairness in fetching of the legendary folklores to life that belongs to the Mewar district. When you listen to the folk musicians singing before a live audience and praising the life of the long-gone heroes, you may not be understood the story fully but the ferocious greatness can be sturdily felt in their performances and songs. Watching the performances of the artists being an audience to the floating and strong-willed performers of the folk dances can make people feel wonderful about the state. The talented folk dancers, who precisely poise the clay pots on their heads and dancing to the beat of the songs that are sung by the singers, are awe-inspiring. In addition, the dance of the artists whilst standing on a sword will reasonably offer a good notion regarding, the brave rules of the state. The emblematic Kalbeliya dance has made a tribute globally and one can find it out in the own land that too with the factual Indian fortitude.

Some other captivating features of the festival that made the festival a hit among the day-trippers are the Marwar Shree competition, Moustache competition, Sufi night, matka race, Band competition, tug of war, etc. The Marwar festival is one of the ideal events where one can have an awesome fun to glance at the rustic rural narrowly and the multihued life of the people can also be felt. The setting of this

live entertainment took place in Mandore town, Umaid Stadium and at the Mehrangarh Fort, which are also the great places for the travelers to pay a visit in Jodhpur. Mandore is placed 8 kilometers away from the outer reaches of Jodhpur. Mandore is a place of an awesome chronological connotation and was conventionally the capital city of Marwar. Mandore's principal feature is the “Hall of Heroes” where 16 gigantic figures engraved from one rock portraying well-liked Hindu & folk deities replaces dazzling colors and are wonderfully planned.

Marwar Festival in Jodhpur

In the blue city of Jodhpur, a lot of exhilarating festivals and spiritual Hindu events come to pass every year. All these festivals and events will always draw hordes of devotees and adds an air of enthusiasm. Often, the recurring things imitate the well-off inheritance of the Jodhpur region and its cultural civilization, with the Marwar Festival being in the midst of the major celebrations of this region.

The Marwar Festival of Jodhpur is mainly devoted to the ancient heroes of Rajasthan and it rotates around the existence of the Rajasthan emperors. The Marwar state was established in the year 1459 A.D. by Rao Jodha, the person in command of the Rathore clan of Rajputs who were the descendants of Rama, the classic hero of fable Ramayana. Marwar festival is chiefly dedicated to the courageous Rajasthani Rajput heroes owing of their chivalric code of conduct.

The very popular festival in Jodhpur is the Jodhpur Marwar Festival. This festival is conducted year by year in the reminiscence of the courageous Rajput of Rajasthan. Marwar festival is also known as the “Maand Festival”. The Marwar Festival in Jodhpur was initially called as the Maand Festival. The festival is conducted in the month of “Ashwin” where Ashwin is a holy month of Hindu that falls between September and October. The Marwar festival in Jodhpur is eminent during the full moon of Sharad Poornima. This will continue for 2 days.

Major attraction of Marwar festival:

The Key attraction of Marwar festival is the folk music centered on the romantic subsistence of Rajasthan's emperors. The dance and music of the Marwar province is the key subject matter of this festival. The talented folk singers and dancers gather at the festival and offer vivacious entertainment. These folk artists present viewers a quick look into the days of yore, the combats and of the courageous Rajput heroes who still exist on through the songs.

The Marwar Festival in Jodhpur carries the spectators the vanguard the folk music & folk dance of the Marwar area. Folk dancers will bear the pots on their heads whereas the folk singers will keep the visitors enthralled along with their performances. In actual fact, it will take a person to the ancient and imperial long-gone epoch of the state and will portray it. The classical folk music performed is known as Maand. The renowned venues where the Marwar festival takes place are Umaid Bhawan Palace, Mehrangarh and Mandore Fort. The camel polo show, camel tattoo Magic Shows, Horse Riding, Horse Polo and Puppet Shows are some of the other magnetisms that catch the attention of the visitors at the Marwar Festival of Jodhpur.

Being conducted for about 2 days, the major attraction of the festival is the royal folk music that focuses on the romantic existence of Rajasthan's emperors. Even though Marwar Festival is commemorated in Jodhpur, it is also celebrated with immense fervor at Mandore, placed almost 8 kilometers at the outer edges of Jodhpur. Mandore is a destination of huge chronological importance and was conventionally the capital of Marwar region. The most important feature of Mandore is the “Hall of Heroes” where 16 colossal figures engraved from a single piece of rock representing the admired Hindu folk gods. They are made with dazzling colors and are wonderfully prearranged.

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