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Kanak Vrindavan : Beautifully Tended Landscape

Kanak Vrindavan : Beautifully Tended Lanscape

Kanak VrindavanLocation:
Adjoining Amber Fort, On Amber-Jaipur Road

Highlights: Offers breathtaking views in Kanak Vrindavan

Gardens in pink city of Jaipur are one of the vibrant attractions of the city. The brilliantly designed gardens promote the loveliness of Jaipur. Despite the fact that there are several gardens in the city, the Kanak Vrindavan garden creates a center of attraction among tourists. Situated on the brink of the Nahagarh Fort & Amer fort, this place is a worth visiting. The gigantic complex of well established and well designed gardens together with the delicately and sophisticatedly engraved beige stone shrine with its marble columns & lattices are a treat to the eyes. The highlights of the garden are stunning and it makes a favorite destination for picnics and shooting of movies. Unquestionably, Kanak Vrindavan Valley leaves a conspicuous impression as a tourist visits the garden complex on the journey to the 3 garland forts of Jaipur, such as, Nahargarh Fort, Amber Fort and Jaigarh Fort. The charming background consists of heavenly sights of Jal Mahal and is undoubtedly the top green run away offered by Jaipur to its tourists. Some of the attractions in close proximity to the Kanak Vrindavan garden are: Amer Fort, Elephant Park, Jal Mahal, Jaigarh Fort and Nahargarh fort.


The Kanak Vrindavan Valley Complex that was established more or less 275 years before was built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh of Jaipur. This fine-looking, foliage- filled valley is within the Aravalli mountain ranges. Over and over again, this place is supposed to give the impression of the Vrindavan Garden where God Krishna enjoyed the ‘Maharaas’ in company with the Gopis. Basically, the Kanak Vrindavan Valley was constructed for amusement and recreation of imperial men and women folks. As stated by a few people, the Maharaja intended for an Ashvamedha Yagna and in fact, made special arrangements for the waters from various holy rivers to amass at Kanak Vrindavan Valley. Simultaneously, a temple named Govind Deoji devoted to Lord Krishna was also established here. It is believed that Raja Sawai Jai Singh, named the destination as Kanak Vrindavan when Amber was his capital city. He named it as Kanak Vrindavan as the striking place reminds him of Vrindavan, the territory of deity Krishna.


In essence, Kanak Vrindavan Garden is a marvelously built and preferred destination that is placed in the valley of the Nahargarh knolls adorned by exclusive trees. This place is crammed with trees & lawns and decked out with elaborate ‘chhatris', lovely mirror & ‘jali' work on the temple walls of the Govind Deoji shrine. Also, a string of fountains supports the building. The central garden is split into 8 divisions. It has a major fountain known as ‘Parikrama'. This fountain is made out of a distinct marble chunk. Garbha Griha of the temple is also positioned within the temple complex (parisar). It is also adorned with intricate ‘panni' work. The lush gardens at the Valley grant its visitors the fantastic sights of Jaipur and other attractions in close proximity such as, Dharbawati River and Amer Fort. The panorama has been used innumerable times in numerous Bollywood movies, like Lamhe (1991).

Picturesque View:

Kanak Valley, a former elephant path, is bounded by Aravalli hill ranges and is to be found next to the famous Amber Fort. The Kadamba & Dhok trees of the province, the lovely waterfalls, lotus ponds and flowers polish the beauty of the valley with their exquisiteness and attractions. Birdwatchers enjoy by spotting the wandering birds like the spotted dove, Neel Kanth and kingfisher. The Graden complex dwells shrines that are as primeval as 3 centuries and houses the well-known temples of Govind Deoji & Natawarji. The Kanak Bagh passes for a garden is always blossoming. Being a peaceful halt point for the exhausted voyagers, the Kanak Vrindavan garden and valley bestows foliage everywhere. The tranquility of shrines and cool waft of the water's edge refines the banks of the Dharbawati River. As said by the legends, the river crossed Jaipur a long time ago. However, now, it got shrunk to end in the celebrated Mansagar Lake. During the hours of darkness, the divine atmosphere of Govind Deoji temple appears religious and takes you to the revelation of bliss. The hymns and chants complete the cultural picture of the area. Also, the religious processions that commence from Amber Fort (during Teej & Gangaur festivals) bring to a halt here for a short time at Govind Deoji temple to offer their respect.

Undoubtedly, a trip to Jaipur will be unfinished without a stopover at the historically noteworthy Kanak Vrindavan Garden that flourishes with scenic ecstasy!!

Kanak Vrindavan Timing

Timings: 9:00 A.M. – 7:00 P.M
Last Entry Time: 6:30 P.M.
Open on all days

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