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Quickly peep through your window on a rainy day. What comes to your mind instantly? Would you like to travel around and have some fun? Most people would like to travel around during the monsoon time of the year due to the pleasant weather. But, the big question is -“Where to go?” “Which is the right place to admire the loveliness of nature?” Without a doubt, Rajasthan is at its best in the month of August after the monsoon while the scorched desert region is flourishing and green and the profuse lakes are overflowing with water. In Rajasthan, the pink city of Jaipur and the nearby places turn out to be one of the most interesting spots during the monsoon period of the year when it boils down to a weekend trips with your family and buddies!! There are so many refreshing, delighting, daring and excitement-packed places in Jaipur to spend some quality time amid the blissful monsoon! The moment you hear the name Jaipur, your brain invokes the stunning metaphors of citadels, fortresses, elephants, and on the whole, the imperial ceremonial objects!! This is key reason why countless people catch the “Delhi to Jaipur” bus on a weekend and pass through 265 km to reach this wonderful destination. During the monsoon season, the tropical climate of Jaipur makes sure that the weather scale down agreeably with the commencement of a little rainfall.

Monsoon Season in Jaipur:

By and large, Jaipur is a city with hot climatic condition. Consequently obtains very short precipitation. In general, the month of June is the initial month of the monsoon period in Jaipur and it lasts through July, August & September.

Finest destinations to enjoy a monsoon expedition in Jaipur:

The term Pink City is accredited to the truth that the whole conurbation is painted in a vibrant pink color. Jaipur is an inexplicable city and a spectacular amalgamation of both contemporary and the time-honored past. Tourists can unearth gigantic fortresses, forts, museum, gardens, amusement parks, monuments, restaurants, Bars, Hotels, handicrafts, shopping malls, garment markets, sparkling jewelries, movie theater complexes, food markets and much more.

Take a look at some of the excitement and fun-packed tourist destinations in Jaipur to cherish during the monsoon time of the year:

City Palace: Start your expedition at the glorious City Palace. City palace is a fraction of Jaipur’s splendid ancient times and even today, this palace dwells the stately folklores. The further section of the fortress is open to the community and boasts a gallery and museum that exhibits some of the most astonishing paintings artworks and artifacts.

Jantar Mantar: Jantar Mantar is one more exceptionally noteworthy construction that was established by the originator of pink city. This place is one of the chief and finest observatories that are packed with instruments that were used to compute the astronomy in olden times.

Albert Hall & Museum: The Albert hall and museum is a striking imperial hall delimited by flourishing verdant gardens and lawns, placed just outside the metropolis. This museum has a wealthy compilation of paintings, carpets, art, stone metal sculptures, multi-colored crystal works and ivory.

Hawa Mahal: Hawa Mahal or the Palace of Winds is one of the most significant aspects of Jaipur. Hawa Mahal is a division of the City Palace and was established for the regal women to take some quick looks of the stately parades and market triggers.

Imperial Forts: Jaipur, the terra firm of soaring forts, boasts huge figures of beautiful strongholds that mark its scenery.

  • The Jaigarh Fort in Jaipur has far-reaching walls and is the abode to a massive mortar named “Jai Ban”.
  • The Nahargarh Fort or “Dwelling of Tigers” is to be found in the majestic Aravalli mountain ranges. This fort was once the excursion place for the imperial folks.
  • Amber fort in Jaipur is one of the most well-liked forts. It dwells a unique blend of Mughal and Rajasthani building. Amber fort has a lake which beautifully reflects the several patios and pavilions of the fort. Amber fort is also famous for the beautiful Diwan-i-Am, Sikh Niwas, Jai Mandir, Sheesh Mahal and a tiny Kali Temple.

Temples: The Govind Devji Temple is a well-liked shrine that is devoted to the deity Krishna. This temple is placed in the innermost marquee of Jai Niwas Garden. The superb Jain Temple on the Agra road boasts some of the most stunning Jaipur paintings on its walls. These paintings date back to 19th century.

Food lover’s Monsoon Indulgence:

In Jaipur, one can find a number of fine restaurants, dazzling bars as well as several global restaurants. During your monsoon tour, you can taste some of the most authentic Tandoori cuisine at the famous “Taj Rambagh's amphitheatre”. Lakshmi Misthaan Bhandaar, commonly known as “LMB”, gladly presents their exceptionally mouth-watering ‘ghewar' to the visitors. Suvarna, which is also located at Rambagh, is a well-liked multi-cuisine eating place. To enjoy even more authentic feast as a part of your monsoon tour, head to Chokhi Dhani, which presents lip-smacking Rajasthani vegetarian palate smeared with authentic Indian ghee in time-honored Rajasthani manner.

Shopping Spree:

It is a well-known fact that Jaipur is renowned for its glossy jewelry, decorated with enamel and covered with unique Kundan. Tourists can unearth both precious & semi-precious stones here together with emeralds, garnets, topaz, amethyst and rubies which are also much admired among International voyagers. Don’t forget to shop some unique “Tie-and-dye” work on crepe, silk and also the eminent Sanganer block prints fabrics. Don’t forget to explore Jaipur’s exquisite blue pottery if, you pay a visit to Sanganer. Keep in mind that you can bargain on these items, in order to shop some valuable purchases!

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