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World Tourism Day Merriment in Pink city!

A lot of people make merry of the “United Nations’ World Tourism Day (UNWTO)”, which falls on 27th of September every year. This day focuses in promoting consciousness among the global community of the significance of tourism and its social, political, economic and cultural values.


At the moment, Tourism has experienced constant development and intense diversification to develop into one of the greatest rising financial divisions in the globe. Contemporary tourism is intimately connected with the development and comprises more novel destinations for voyagers. All these dynamics has converted tourism into a chief driver for socio-economic development. Tourism has turned out to be one of the key players in global business, and simultaneously stands as one of the major revenue sources for a number of budding nations. Around September 1979, the UNWTO has predetermined to introduce World Tourism Day, which was initially celebrated on 27th of September in the year 1980. The date of September 27 was selected as the perfect date for World Tourism Day as the date matched with a significant highlight in international tourism, the anniversary of the acceptance of the UNWTO decree on 27th September, 1970.

In essence, the UNWTO believes that September 27th is perfect for World Tourism Day as it arrives at the conclusion of the towering sightseer season in the Northern hemisphere and the beginning of the sightseer term in the southern hemisphere. This is the period when sightseeing is of newsworthy interest to a lot of people internationally, mainly for voyagers and other individuals who work in the tourism division. Every year has a diverse subject, that is to say, “Tourism, rejoicing diversity” has been elected as the subject for the year 2009 with “Ghana” being the host of the event for that particular year.

World Tourism Day (WTD) celebrated in Pink city of Rajasthan:

The World Tourism Day (WTD) was held in Jaipur, the Pink city of Rajasthan on 27th of September at Albert Hall, Amber Fort, Jantar Mantar and Hawa Mahal under the sponsorship of “Rajasthan Tourism Department”. The voyagers who arrived at these destinations were greeted in the long-established Rajasthani manner by garlanding them. The welcoming was followed by additional folk dances by the neighboring performers. The voyagers were also keened to join the folk dancers to get pleasure from the merriment.

The major aim for celebrating WTD is to increase responsiveness towards the operation of tourism within the global community and also to show how it impacts the social, political, economic and cultural values universally. For 2013, the subject matter for WTD celebration was “Tourism & Water – Shielding our Common Future”. In keeping with UNWWTO, as the most extensively celebrated international day for sightseeing, WTD stands for an exclusive chance for the year 2013 to heave consciousness of tourism’s function in water access and stand out as a limelight on the division’s part to a more sustainable water prospect.

During his speech, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary General declared that he advised tourism organizations to incise utilization and perk up waste management. He told that he would like to invite people to take part in creating mindful environmental options when they travel around. He also added that with indefensible utilization and climate change menacing of worldwide water resources, World Tourism Day 2013 spotlights the liability of the tourism business to defend and astutely administer water. Finally, he stated that while paying significance the requirement for water saving as a main concern to fabricate an impending future.

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