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Jaipur Zoo

Zoological Garden (Jaipur Zoo)

Jaipur, the lively city of Rajasthan thrives in tradition, glorious past, legends, splendor, and architectural magnificence in addition to panoramic natural beauty. The gorgeous city of Jaipur has more than a few fortresses, tombstones, forts, museums, hotels, and gardens. The exuberance of abundant green gardens of the city captivates countless hearts. These gorgeous heritage gardens are decked out with a number of imperial art forms. Jaipur is so lively and energetic. A single trip to this eye-catching city is perpetual. Among several attractions, one of the trinkets of Jaipur is the Jaipur Zoo, which is otherwise known as the Zoological Garden. Among the diverse parks in Jaipur, Zoological Garden is considered as the most excellent sanctuaries in Jaipur.

Location of Jaipur Zoo :

The Zoological garden is positioned in the gleaming garden of Ram Niwas Bagh. The zoo is placed at a walking distance from the famous Albert Hall. The flourishing green garden in the environs of the zoo is swarming with elder people of the city.


The zoological garden or Jaipur zoo was founded by Sawai Raja Pratap Singh in the year 1868, with the intention of dearth reprieve. On the word of the records, a massive amount of about 4 lakhs was invested to build this chronological garden, just then. The zoological garden encircles a vast area of about 33 acres, and is placed at the core Jaipur city. The Jaipur zoo was established at some stage in the supremacy of Sawai Ram Singh II. Being developed on the verdict of the olden Shilpa Shastra, there is no shortage of destinations to travel around Jaipur.

Mind-blowing Beauty:

With the exception of the imposing monuments and the metaphorical palaces, the animation of Jaipur's natural beauty is evident in the city's gardens and parks. The charismatic panorama of the saffron sunlight teasingly sheding its shaft of lights on the verdant greenery is a spectacle to behold. The fame of Jaipur lies in its memorable Zoological Gardens placed in the long-winded area of the Ram Niwas Bagh. The enchanting allure of the delightfully inclined scenic gardens thriving in the multi-colored blossoms of the cyclic blooms is improved by the existence of a zoo, an aviary, a conservatory, a museum, a herbarium and an arena. Pools gleaming like quicksilver together with gracefully carved fountains speckle the abundant and rambling lawns in the City of Gardens whilst multihued flowerbeds tassel the frontier of the Park.

Animals and Birds:

The Jaipur zoo is chiefly categorized into 2 parts. One is the animal zoo and the other one is the bird zoo. Visitors should pay a very small amount to visit both the divisions of the zoo. The animal zoo dwells a number of animal species ranging to rare species. Lions, leopards, tigers, white tigers and panthers will enthuse a lot of children and adults. One can also spot hyenas, alligators, tortoises, jackals, foxes, bears, and a diversity of deer.

In addition, this park also dwells a prehistoric Zoological Garden that thrives in vegetation in addition to an assortment of exotic birds and wild beasts. The zoo's crocodile breeding ground is popular all over the nation. The zoo is also very famous for its crocodile breeding. In addition to dwelling some of the exceptional species of animals, the zoo is the residence of some multicolored species of birds that comprise geese, ducks, babbling lorry, white peacock, pheasant, swans, storks, parrots, love birds and countless feathery birds. The zoo has an assortment of about 71 different varieties of fauna. The zoo serves as a great place for kids and people who love animals and wild life.


The Jaipur zoo is open for public all over the week not including Tuesdays from 8:30 a.m – 5:30 p.m. throughout summer and 9 a.m – 5 p.m. throughout winter.

In particular, the zoo serves well as an enlightening trip for children. Often, the school children from different schools visit this place. They enjoy and get inspired by several rare animal species in the zoo.

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