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International Kite celebrations in the courageous territory of Rajasthan

Makar Sankranti is a renowned festival celebrated all over India. This festival is celebrated on the incident of the shift of the sun into the Northern hemisphere. During this period of the year, people from all ages will be gathered on their patio or meadow flying small or huge kites with their heads facing up the sky. Vivid and multicolored kites in outstanding shapes and extraordinary designs, spotted the sun-drenched sky of Rajasthan on January 14th, 2014.The blue Sky will be completely blocked with plentiful kites ubiquitously and uproar of “Woh Kata Hai!” will be heard from the top of the roof in every house. Overall, the whole nation will be filled with keenness and fervor in the atmosphere.

Thrilled Kite flyers:

Both the metropolises of Rajasthan named Jodhpur & Jaipur in Rajasthan have been hosting this Kite Festival since several years on the auspicious day of Makar Sankranti with immense interest and enthusiasm. The major trait of the festival is the illustration of ‘diversity’ in all the facets. Kites of all sizes and shapes can be found in the sky and the major rivalry is to hack the strings of kite flyers in close proximity and to bring it down to the ground. In an attempt to achieve this people will be determined to make their strings as pointed and razor sharp as possible, to offer a hard-hitting battle to the adversary flyer. The unique kite strings are covered with the blend of glue and glass known as ‘Manjha’.

Jodhpur Kite festival:

Jodhpur Kite festival will be conducted from January 12th to 15th, 2014 at the Jodhpur polo ground. The kite fair is split into 2 different sections. One would be the combatant Kite Competition and the other one is the Display flying. The kite flyers contend with each other to display their skills with the intention of winning the Fighter Kite Competition whereas the other kite flyers coolly flies their kites revealing their fine-looking kites for just the “Display flying”. The high-status trophies are honored to the winners of both the grouping and each contestant is treated with dinner at a striking place. The Grand culmination of International kite Flying Festival in Jodhpur will be conducted in the lawns of the famous Umaid Bhawan Palace. The title fight of the Fighter Kite competition & Display Flying are pursued by the award distribution ceremonial, thanks-giving observance and finally the farewell dinner with Jodhpur Maharaja!!

Jaipur Kite festival:

In contrast, Jaipur would host the International Kite Festival starting from Jan 14th to Jan16, 2014 at the famous Jal Mahal ground. The Participants from twenty five countries are anticipated to arrive at Jaipur to take part in this International festival. Moreover, around thirty kite flyers from various states of India also took part in this event. All these participants will exhibit their substantial skills such as flying manifold kites with just 1 string. The kites will offer a quick look of the wide-ranging culture and ethnicity of different countries that take part in this international kite festival.

If you are one among the fervent Kite aficionado, then you should take part in these kite festivities during Makar Sankranti. In the International kite festival, 2014, an assortment of Kite Festivals was found all over Rajasthan. Make your next bookings for this kite festival and steel yourself to scream “Woh Kaataa!!” in joyfulness.

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