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Cold Persists in Rajasthan

Chilly weather in Rajasthan!!!

The beautiful state of Rajasthan that is placed in the western part of the nation has alternate climate similar to its unreliable landscape. The rock-strewn Aravali, the western parched plains and the eastern lush plains experiences dramatically different weather conditions. The weather of the royal Rajasthan can be largely categorized into 4 dissimilar seasons, such as, Pre-monsoon, Monsoon, Post-monsoon & Winter.


The pre-monsoon season is the most dry and humid season of the year. In fact, it is the hot season that paves the way for the monsoon season and extends from the month of April to the month of June. The temperature will range between 32 degree Celsius and 45 degree Celsius. The wilderness in the west and the north-west of the Aravali district will turn much parched on account of the sweltering heat of the sun and the highest temperature is documented about 45to 48 degree Celsius all through May till June. The solitary hill station of the state, Mount Abu will document the lowest temperature. In the parched regions, on the other hand, the temperature decreases sharply in the hours of darkness. Heavy winds waft from the western frontier and carry dust storms that are named as “Andhi”.


The monsoon season actually is a great relief to the hot and sun-trenched topography of Rajasthan throughout June in the eastern part and the mid- July in the western bone-dry areas. The temperature during monsoon will decrease from 40 to 35 degree. Due to the fall in temperature, the humidity will bump up. Rajasthan gets utmost rainfall during the monsoon period of the year. There is a 2nd stage of monsoon that persists from the month of July to the month of September.


The post monsoon season comes after the monsoon that starts from mid-September & persists till the month of November. Once more, this season is classified by heat and the average utmost temperature differs from 33 degrees Celsius to 38 degrees Celsius. The minimum temperature during this period will be between 18 degrees Celsius & 20 degrees Celsius.

Normal precipitation

The standard season of rainfall will vary all over the state of Rajasthan. While the western part of the state that has the wasteland gets a yearly rainfall of about 100 mm (more or less 4 inches), the South Eastern part of the state receives yearly 650 mm (26 inches) and overall a maximum rainfall throughout the monsoon season from July till September.

Current weather conditions in Rajasthan:

Mercury plunges in Jaipur, the pink city of Rajasthan while Mount Abu of Rajasthan documented the lowest temperature of about 2 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, Sri ganganagar district recorded the temperature of about 7.3 degrees Celsius.

The different cities of Rajasthan Bikaner recorded 8.4 degrees, Barmer recorded 8.7 degrees Celsius, Jaisalmer recorded 9.3 degrees Celsius and Churu recorded 9.8 degrees Celsius, respectively few indentations lesser than before. In proportion to MeT department, other cities of Rajasthan documented minimum temperature of more than 10 degrees Celsius.

The climate remained largely dried out in Rajasthan during the past 24 hours.

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