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Chini ki Burj, Chaugan Stadium, Jaipur

Commonly known as the Pink City, Jaipur is the terra firma of citadels, luxurious splendor and rich artistic legacy. This vibrant city greets each person to come and travel around the centuries of history, amazing Havelis, verdant gardens, and the side streets of the city market places. Introduce yourself to culinary treats, folk tunes and dances, camel rides, elephant safaris and enjoy the seamless blend of past grandeur and the urban present. At Jaipur, hospitality is not merely an industry but, a unique pathway of existence. Jaipur is renowned from the immemorial time for its grand forts, good-looking palaces and heroic emperors. Several players from these imperial families (not only from Jaipur but also from whole state of Rajasthan) have climbed greater heights in the sports field and had made the entire country feel swollen with pride. At all times, the Rajasthan government has encouraged a range of sports activities and is offering the most excellent available facilities to the talented players.

The Sporting Report of Jaipur:

The prehistoric city of Jaipur supported sports constantly. However, the major aspect of all was the ‘Chaugan' since Polo was recognized later. The equestrian game of Chaugan was chiefly played at the Chaugan. Now, it stands on the Chaugan stadium in close proximity to Cheeni Ki Burj, on the outer border of the City Palace. Traditional sports such as Sitolia and indoor frivolous sports activities such as Chaupar & Chess were well-liked at that time, when people enjoyed playing in the countless avenues and side streets of the Jaipur old city. Other contemporary sports such as cricket, football, billiards, snooker and tennis were initiated by the British officers, who served in the city of Jaipur. In fact, the British Chief Engineer of Jaipur named Col Sir Swanton Jacob, influenced King Sawai Ram Singh to construct a gigantic park for sports on the outer area the Jaipur walled city.

Chaugan Stadium:

Chaugan Stadium is one of the ancient and most valued places for Jaipur’s chief social, cultural and sporting happenings. Situated between City palace and Gangauri bazaar, Chaugan Stadium is one of the prehistoric stadiums in Jaipur, Rajasthan and the much valued stadiums. The utterance ‘Chaugan' has more than a few meanings. That is to say, ‘Chaugan' means open ground and the arched end of a hockey stick. The Chaugan stadium consists of huge area that is bordered by diminutive playgrounds. The sports ground has 3 octagonal stands, that is to say, the “Chini ki Burj” (on the north-west region of the stadium), “Shyam Burj” (on the north) and “Moti Burj” (towards north-east). During the imperial times, each of these areas once served for a specific reason and even today, they continue to do so. At heart, Chaugan stadium is a multi convenience setting. This stadium serves as a great spot for commemorating Teej & Elephant festivals, Polo competitions in addition to the special dance and music performances. Undoubtedly, Chaugun has turned out to be an establishment of its own in the city of Jaipur.

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