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Bridal Saris

Jaipur: The biggest market of Bridal Saris

Every Indian woman eagerly waits for the day of her marriage when she gets unite with her soul mate. And thus, she wishes to dress like the princess and most beautiful women on earth on her day of marriage. To serve the same, Indian brides wish to wear the bridal saris which embrace her beauty more elegant and graceful. The bridal saris offer wide range of colors and patterns as per the choice of bride. The typical bridal colors in India are categorised under the family circle of red and green with gold and silver sprinkling on the same. The state Rajasthan offers the best royal bridal saris which helps in making the marriage day of a bride coined perfect and gracious. The capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur is furnished with markets of sarees which aims on manufacturing the best bridal royal saris for women.

Bridal Saris
Bridal Saris

Popular Bridal Saris in Jaipur

The popular bridal saris in Jaipur offer the real zari work. The zari is basically the fusion on gold and silver threading on the fabric. The real zari work is coined as one of the demanded work on bridal saris. The zari work on bridal saris adds on to the grace and glitter of the fabric. The bridal saris though are tough to handle because of its higher weigh and work, but then as the saying goes, “the marriage is the one occasion of lifetime”, so why not to make it graceful and royal?

The range of bridal saris is categorized from royal to moderate appearance. The royal bridal saris offer the heavy work of gold, silver, jewels and diamonds on the fabric. This type of bridal saris offers the royal appearance and grace that the jewels serve to the sari. The Rajputana families mainly demands for such bridal saris as such clothing is the bequest by Maharaja jai Singh II who was the Rajputana king from royal kachawa family.

Work of Jewels on Jaipur Bridal Saris

One must be aware that the king jai Singh II was a keen lover of gold jewel, and thus to carry his gratitude, saris market in Jaipur also offers the heavy range of sarees which includes gold and silver work on it. These bridal saris are mainly the choice of royal families or queens who wants to tile their marriage as the occasion filled with richness and royalty.

Other than gold and zari work, the lower range of bridal saris offers the kundan Meena and glass work. The selective colors of bridal saris offer the work on glass and kundan Meena as well which exceptionally defines the fabric of Rajasthani touch. The kundan work on the bridal saris is served with many colors as per it suits the fabric and color of sari. In the lower range of bridal saris, the bridal saris market offers the work of American diamond on the same. American diamond work plays a vital and unique role in the ambiance of bridal saris fabric. The grace and shine on the bridal saris is offered mainly by diamond work on it. The lower range of the bridal saris assist as the subsidiary to the royal bridal saris which embrace its best work of American diamond and zari on the same.

It has been stated from statistics that the guests visiting Jaipur solely appreciate the bridal saris in Jaipur and buy wide variety of the same. Many royal and Indian families living outside Rajasthan visit Jaipur specially to buy the bridal saris which prejudice the Rajasthani look and ambiance on the bride.

But is it just the bridal saris of Jaipur which helps in coining the city as royal and monarch? Probably no. the Jaipur culture entirely embraces the quality of richness that the city bestows on the hearts of people. To serves the same, pinkcity.com and Jaipur.org are the two websites which briefs about the entire culture of Jaipur. pinkcity.com and Jaipur.org is the biggest web on internet which helps the users to keenly understand the traditions of Jaipur and also, if one wishes to visit Jaipur, pinkcity.com and Jaipur.org serves as the guide book for accommodation and places to visit in Jaipur.

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