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Jaipur clothing sharing the royal piece of Indian clothing

One thing that defines the uniqueness in the Indian culture is Indian clothing. The typical Indian attire offers the unique patterns and fabrics which is rarely seen in any part of the world. The long and coy clothing in India is what defines the traditions of India. Talking about royal state of India, Rajasthan, the clothing in this state illustrates the royal and coyness feature of the people of Rajasthan. Since the bygone era of king and queen of Jaipur, the Jaipur clothing has played a vital role in the circumference defining the royalty of the city. During the Mughal era when maharaja jai Singh II founded the city Jaipur, he saw this dream of making PinkCity as the royal land to live and cherish each moment. To realize the same, he underwent many changes and rituals, Jaipur clothing being one of them. The king jai Singh II decided that Jaipur clothing must be something that everyone should appreciate the same, but on the same page the coyness of Rajasthani women shouldn’t be affected by the same.

Jaipur clothing for Men

Thus, from his ruling era the Rajput men were supposed to wear dhoti kurta rajputi poshak) with heavy embroidery and work on it. The men’s attire was classified in the circle of dhoti, kurta, patha and sword on the waist side. Even today one can see the Rajasthani men wearing their white color kurta along with dhoti. The big moustache adds on to their personality as it signifies the royalty and purity of Rajasthani men. The kings of Jaipur used to carry sword on their waist side when going for fight. Slowly after victorious fights, it became the ritual to carry the same.

Jaipur clothing for Women

Talking about women, they were ordered to wear Ghagra Choli which consists of a long blouse with long skirt and matching duppatta on the head. The fabric and pattern varied from class of people but the attire remained same. Even today, in many Rajasthani families, women wear rajputi poshak as they treat their attire as the segment to giving gratitude to their ancestors and elder ones.

Jaipur clothing: fusion of royal and contemporary

But with growing modernisation, Jaipur has been in the race. The Jaipur clothing these days involves the western and contemporary style of clothes along with rajputi poshaks. The people today believes in the fusion of old and new and thus maintain their dignity and style both with the cushioning of modern attires to the Rajasthani clothes. One may think that wearing western clothes would be an insult to the old rituals of Rajasthan, but rather the western clothes in parts of Jaipur talks about how Jaipur and people are growing with time. On one side, if people wear jeans in their parties, then of family occasions the same people happens to wear rajputi and Indian dresses. This is not an insult rather the dignity and respect that the people of Jaipur show towards the growing fashion and style.

Summing it up, the Jaipur clothing is the fusion of dignity and rituals carried forward from the bygone era of jai Singh II and the western culture which is spreading with the speed of light in the whole globe. The people in Jaipur are discovered to be stylish carrying their coyness along with it. Jaipur clothing describes the way people think and manifest their life. The modern clothing describes their boldness and attitude to face everything casually but smartly. The rajputi clothing symbolize their dignity and respect towards their customs and rituals which are carried since the time of their ancestors.

Not only Jaipur clothing, every segment in Jaipur talks about something which is fusion of old and new, whether it be hotels in Jaipur or people of Jaipur. The sites, pinkcity.com and Jaipur.org is one such platform that helps users to get connected with the culture and traditions of Jaipur closely along with the facilities that the city Jaipur provides for their guests from accommodation to the places.

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