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Bandhini is the process of tying and dyeing the cloth (cotton/silk), it is the oldest way of creating designs on a plain cloth.

Oldest form of creating designed textiles. Bandhini or Bandhej is an oldest form of tie and dye method. The term is originated from the word “Bandhan”, and the process is famous in the state of Gujrat and Rajasthan


It is a two stage process which involves tying and dyeing of the cloth. Bandhini originated from “Bandhan” which means tying up. This art of tying and dyeing the cloth for creating patterns is famous in Gujrat and Rajasthan. The process of Bandhini is created in dark and vibrant colours, after the processing a variety of symbols are created. On the basis of these patterns and designs Bandhej is further divided in different kinds of styles.


Firstly the cloth is washes and bleached thoroughly, so as to make it susceptible to absorb the dye.

After washing the cloth the cloth is sent to Bandhini “lady who ties up the cloth” usually the tying of the cloth is done by women and dyeing is done by men.

The women ties up the fabric and then the fabric is sent for dyeing.

Skilled hands are responsible for creating minuscule raised Bandhan or the raised tied fabric; the more minute and tidy is the tied cloth is the finer will be the design

The tied fabric is then sent for dyeing, the tied portions are then dipped into light shades of colour, after it is then dipped into the darker shade. And hence the process is continued for different colours or colored patterns.


On the basis of designs there are four types of patterns in which Bandhej sarees also known as Handloom sarees are produced

LAHERIYA is the wavy patter on the saree, the fabric is rolled up diagonally and certain resisted portions are dyed by binding thread at a short distance. Lehariya pattern symbolizes water waves. Only two colors are used which alternate each other in a pattern of stripes arranged diagonally. Originally, the two colors used were the auspicious colors of yellow and red. Turbans, odhnis and saris with the Lehariya pattern are liked and worn all around year but carry a special meaning on and around the time of the Teej festival and


MOTHRA is a similar pattern like Lehariya, but showcases lines in checked  effect with opposite diagonals
EKDALI pattern is small circles and squares in different shades of color and the cluster of three, four and seven multi colored dots make it even more gorgeous.
SHIKHARI: – The human and animal figures depicting nicely in the vibrant and dark colors is the identity of Shikari Bandhini

Some other common designs are dungar?shahi or the mountain?pattern, boond that results in a small dot with a dark centre, tear shaped kodi, and the laddu?jalebi or the swirling. In Tikunthi, circles and squares appear in a group of three, in ‘Chaubasi’ in groups of four and in Satbandi in groups of seven. Boond is a dot with a dark centre.



These sarees are easily available in the city market, to enlist some: –

Bapu bazaar, Badi Chaupad, Indira market etc are some main areas in the main market where these sarees are easily available at some really reasonable rates and if you have that streak of bargaining you can definitely get some real nice stuff at some really reasonable rates.

To list some major boutiques of the: –

Anokhi, Clothes Rack, Fab India and EB’s are some of the major known and famous stores located in C-scheme.

Cotton Curio is located in civil lines, Geroo at Gopalpura bypass, Indisoul at M.I road, Gulab Chand Fab & Prints is on Bhawan Das road and Mahera Shaw in Banipark.


Bandhej Sareeis one such fabric art which is loved and desired by women who like to have that royal touch traditional designs in their choice of outfit. <ahref=”http://jaipurarts.com/ “>Jaipurarts.com</a> is an interface which provides the user to explore the art and culture of the city and explore more about Bandhej and more popular sarees of Jaipur.




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