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Talking about India, Jewelry plays a vital role in embracing the circle of traditions and culture. And thus “Jewelry” was one word which could define the royalty and dignity of Indian culture. The city which contributes in the same is namely Jaipur, which assist the Rajasthani jewelry along with contemporary segments. Indian Jaipuri jewelry is looked forward by the audience who wants to deeply understand and groom into the Indian culture and traditions. But what makes the Indian Jaipuri jewelry unique and so special? The answer lies in the history of Jaipur. The founder of Jaipur Maharaja Jai Singh II was a king from royal Rajputana family and thus his dream after founding a royal place and living and serving as a treat and paradise to the guests.

Indian Jaipuri jewelry running since the ruling era

Since the ruling era, the king and the royal families treated jewelry as the important aspect serving Jaipur a land of dignity. The question in King’s mind was “ How to coin it as unique and special?”. The answer was served by heavy patterns, the king mainly emphasized on the patterns which symbolize victory and power along with precious and semi-precious stones. The common patterns were served by the shapes of sun, moon, lions, swords etc. These jewelry patterns were wore by the royal families during the bygone era and then became famous and popular because of its victorious positive and strong essence it pours. The people began to wear such a jewelry as it is the ambiance of victory in life. Not only this, the Indian Jaipuri jewelry became so in demand that the Jaipur jewelers started serving the giant and wide sized jewelry served by other patterns like flowers, leaves and almighty. The people then were attracted to these style steals assisting dignity of royal Rajasthan.

Along with heavy patterns pinkcity serves the modern style jewelry which appreciate and embrace the brilliance of other parts of world as well. The Indian Jaipuri jewelry gradually issued the features of not Rajasthan but also the style of vision. Now Jaipur serves every style of jewelry under one place. The type of jewelry served in Jaipur includes gold, silver, precious and semi-precious stones, gem stones and diamond jewelry. The Jaipur jewelry in this era is so famous that Jaipur market serves the biggest market of jewelry export. The people from all over the world are so fond and lover’s of Indian Jaipuri jewelry  that they especially visit Jaipur to buy the heavy Indian jewelry.

Indian jaipuri jewelry- the choice of celebs

The statistics states the Indian families living worldwide especially visit Jaipur to buy heavy bridal jewelry on the occasions of grand marriage. Many filmstars from Bollywood and Hollywood have been assisted and regular customers of Indian Jaipuri Jewelry. Many people must be knowing that the grand marriages of the celebrities is incomplete without Jaipur jewelry. Indian Jaipuri jewelry is the such needed for the royal occasions and weddings which takes the moment to a higher level resembling to the dignity of Rajasthani culture.

Not only jewelry, Jaipur possess the ability to attract the audience in every  segment. Pinkcity.com and Jaipur.org are the two platforms which provides the definitive guide to Jaipur which includes every information about pinkcity. A person wishing to travel Jaipur and wants to know about what Jaipur possess, the sites pinkcity.com and Jaipur.org makes the best bridge to serve the destiny. Many people posses this wish to travel and seek the royalty and sovereignty of rich heritage city Jaipur and to feature the same the two mentioned sites briefs all about the same.


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