Umaid Palace Jaipur

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Umaid Palace Jaipur

The one thing that comes in mind when talking about Jaipur is “Royal Culture”. Every year, Jaipur is appareled with uncounted numbers of tourist from all over the globe which travel the city to experience the glimpse of dignity and elegance which is first noticeable in heritage accommodation of city. The heritage palaces and accommodation of Jaipur are furnished with best quality of values and customs followed in the state Rajasthan from interiors to the cuisines offered. One such Palace Hotels in Jaipur which talks about the quality values and customs of the state is Umaid palace Jaipur.

Umaid Bhawan is the exemplar of fine accommodation in the heart of Jaipur which address the dignity and elegance of the state Rajasthan. The hotel is categorized under 3 star hotels of Jaipur located in Bani Park which is one of the Porsche areas of Jaipur. The hotel is themed on the Rajasthani heritage stuffed with royal customs and values.

Let’s talk about the value services of the Umaid Palace Jaipur in details:

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Loction Behari Marg, Bank Road, bani Park, Jaipur, India
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Exteriors and Interiors: Nothing can change the fact that the visitors from all parts of the world visit Jaipur to experience the Royal glimpse of Rajasthani Traditions in a small Package of Time. The exteriors and interiors of the hotel serve the same purpose of royal textures of Rajasthan. The hotel construction describes the royal beauty filled with colors and passion of culture resembling to the symmetry and grace of Rajasthan.

City of water: The palace includes the swimming pool in the embodiment of the hotel. One may think that what is unique in that? The answer is the fresco miniature paintings describing the historical stories of Rajasthan on the area covering swimming pool. The paintings on the wall of the swimming pool area are inscribed by the famous artist of Rajasthan who are the masters in portraying the royal Rajasthan culture through painting.

King Meal: Kings Meal is a title given to the multi-cuisine restaurant in the hotel. This restaurant is crafted with handicraft interiors imposing the royal surrounding portraying the beauty of customs and values. The cuisine in restaurant provides the satisfaction to the taste of every visitor belonging from different cultures and lifestyles.

Umaid Fort View: Umaid fort view is the rooftop multi-cuisine restaurant personifying the beautiful view of forts in Jaipur. This restaurant is carved with essence of Rajasthani taste and surrounding. The rooftop is designed with tent heads along with warm lighting throwing the mood of appeasement and peace. One can enjoy their evenings on the rooftop engaging them with the beauty of Pinkcity.

Miniature: Visitors when entering in the hotel can spot the marvelous and breather taking interiors never seen before. The richness of the culture of Pinkcity is carved to each and every wall of the hotel. The wall is built and painted with floral and Rajasthani theme colors and styles. One can easily develop the importance and elegance involved in the culture of Jaipur in their heart.

Travel and transportation is of big importance when travelling to experience the culture of Jaipur. The famous place, monuments and temples in Jaipur which speaks about the historical stories of Jaipur and the king of Jaipur, plays a vital role in the journey to Jaipur. Thus keeping in mind, along with accommodation services, the hotel is the opportunist in dealing with travelling involved in the journey of Jaipur. The hotel provides the services for travelling in safaris and private air conditioned vehicles helping in the journey to Jaipur. The hotel is a best deal if a visitor is interested in travelling to the real beauty of Jaipur under low cost tariff. Book Now

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