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Hotel Shiv Vilas, Jaipur

shiv vilas jaipurIf we talk about royal palace location in India, the city embracing the royal beauty of the palace theme hotels is Jaipur. Jaipur is padded with royal palace which analogue the history of the kings of Jaipur ad their lifestyle which is famous for its appearance, dignity and elevation. One such accommodation in Jaipur which describe about palace theme is SHIV VILLAS. Shiv Vilas is ranked Number 2 in the best hotels in kukas.

“ATITHI DEVO BHAVAH” an Indian quote describing “guest is god!” is what this hotel visions for. Every visitor entering the hotel is welcomed with royal appearance and dignity so as to enable the visitors realizes the real culture of Rajasthan. The architecture and interiors of the palace epitomize the sovereign reality of the city talking about the royal lifestyle and behavior. Rating 5star
Location KUKAS JAIPUR 303101, JAIPUR, 303101, India
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Following describes the peculiarity of the royal paradise “Shiv Vilas, Jaipur”

  • Miniature and Interiors: The interiors of the palace address the group of royal appearance which includes the handy texture by the craftsmen of Jaipur. The interiors, paintings and the moral statues of the palace are the exemplar of contemporary art of Rajasthan which is the remarkable milestone in the history of the state Rajasthan. The royal visual examination is what is first noticed in this royal paradise Shiv Villas. The miniature in the palace throws the impression of amazement filled with dignity and monarchy of Rajasthan.
  • Break In staff: Talking about the staff of the palace, every tree in the forest is trained under the guidance of best hotel management people full of skills and etiquette. To give the palace a royal touch, the welcoming staff which includes Durbaan and Parking staff is dressed into Rajasthani apparel and welcomes every guest by bending their head along with joining hands. This concept is a synonym of the culture of Rajasthan which illustrate the respect and honor that Rajasthani people relinquish to the guest in this manner.
  • Prevalent ease: Along with royal theme, the palace also offers the modern efficiency in the facilities provided to the guest. Palace is furnished with swimming pool, sauna bath, Spa, Indoors room, laundry, Discotheque facilities that help visitor to find the glimpse of their chronicle lifestyle. The hotel provides the traveling availability to the guests that help them to destine the famous monuments, forts and temples along with the busy market of Jaipur.
  • Splendid adroitness: A person traveling to Jaipur expects the unique culture fragrance during their journey which uniquely defines the city. The palace provides the royal appearance which includes royal relaxing space, dining hall, interiors of the luxury rooms and suites, Durbar Space which are uniquely build according to the Hindu Mythology and almighty Hindu Lords.
  • Range of license: The palace offers 55 elegant rooms, 7 elite rooms, 16 regent suites, 16 regal suites and 2 luxury suites furnished with hi-tech facilities along with royal phase of Rajasthan. The room size of the palace varies from 350 sq. ft. to 2000 sq. ft. added up with numerous services and functions which include bath tubs, hair dryers, magnificent mirrors and tea-coffee makers.

Shiv Villas comes under the lapse of surmounted Aravali Hills and beautiful heights of nature. These points make this palace as a unique accommodation to live in resulting into the amazing and ravishing journey to the royal culture of Jaipur. The visitors are provided the delightful and royal time to the stay in the palace. “Royalty with ease” is what this royal paradise SHIV VILLAS talks about. Shiv Villas is a big advantage to all first time visitors in Jaipur ensuring the fusion of royal culture of Rajasthan along with Prevailing lifestyle under one roof.Book Now

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