Grand Textile Park Inaugration in Jaipur

Jaipur Integrated Texcraft Park Pvt. Ltd, the Grand Textile Park Inaugration in Jaipur

Textile lovers are happy about the central hub of Textile, Jaipur, now launching its own Textile Park. This first textile park is proudly known as the “Jaipur Integrated Texcraft Park Pvt. Ltd. (JITPPL)”. JITPPL is devoted mainly to craft and hand block printing activities. This first textile park was opened on 24 July 2013. Dr. Kavuru Sambasiva Rao, the Union Minister of Textile inaugurated the JITPPL at Bagru in the vicinity of Jaipur. Bagru, the region near the pink of Jaipur is where the textile park is situated. Bagru is famous all around the globe for its conventional textiles, a range of styles of hand block printing and other associated skills. The first and new textile park would fetch a number of innovative opportunities for artisans and exporters, as the textile division holds gigantic latent of job opportunities. The textile park has been named after the Jaipur Integrated Texcraft Park Pvt. Ltd. (JITPPL). It is also called as “Jaipur Bloc”. At the time of inauguration observance, Dr. KS Rao also declared that if the State Government can arrange housing proposals for artisans, the Central Government shall also offer 50 % financial help to the plan.

Job opportunities:

Jaipur Integrated Texcraft Park Pvt. Ltd. (JITPPL)”is the initial park in India that can cater to the section of hand block printing. The textile park is well-prepared with high-tech and up to date, modern technology to preserve and conserve water. This park will also lend a hand in enduring and endorsing the craft in an efficient and professional way. It will also act as an exemplar for craft-based industry sector. The textile park has plans to offer job opportunities for more than 16000 people, unswervingly and in a roundabout way. It offers open job opportunities for women, straight employment to about 4000 people and indirect job opportunities to about 12,000 people. It is highly anticipated that the textile park will carry out a successful business of over 100 crore rupees in its first year of functioning.

Great Infrastructure:

The major purpose of creating this textile Park is to avoid and control the pollution that is been created in Sanganer and close by areas owing to the chemical disposition from painting & dyeing of clothes in a huge extent in that area. With sprawling area of about 23.42 acre land in RICCO Industrial Area phase 2, the Texcraft park aspires to offer first-class infrastructure and modern facilities to 20 unit holders with around 4000 artisans beneath one covering. This textile park has been instigated with the joint endeavors of an assemblage of hand block printers and the attempt has been carried out to upscale and endorse the conventional technologies keeping at the level of the contemporary requirements and tradition. It is believed to smooth the progress of Jaipur’s micro, mini and huge textile companies for the fabrication of textile & craft materials at one central hub. The infrastructure of the park is extremely clean with the other facilities such as water recycling that make sure that 90% of recycled water to be recycled again. More to the point, a centre pool is also built for Rain Water Harvesting and that water would also be used for painting & dyeing at the textile Park.


The Jaipur Texcraft Park would also congregate Textile Training Programs, Workshops, Seminars, skill development programs, designing programs and Block Prints to assist increasingly hopeful artists in India. Entertainingly, at present, the family units who belong to the conventional block printers in Sanganer would also join this park and begin their printing work mutually. The great and vital aspect about this textile park is that it would contribute a lot in preventing the pollution around city to a greater extent.

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