Forhex Fair in pinkcity

If you are a great lover of Handicraft items or if you belong to this division, then Forhex Fair, 2013 is something that you should never miss. The “Federation of Rajasthan Handicraft Exporters” (Forhex) has seen its own development for the past 10 years. It strongly believes in building ahead with increased power, interest & inspiration to accomplish the goal and the dream of its associates who have vigilantly worked on as “One cohesive team.” Along with Forhex’s secretariat and individual property in position, the next decade will see them mounting in power and superiority. Displaying a broad array of products such as gift, furniture, shawls and accessories like art ware, costing jewelry, zari & zari goods, bone work, textile, paper machine, glass work, bamboo products, cane & much more, the Forhex Fair is an appeal for retailers, corporate houses, embassies, builders and several others. With abundant fun under one covering, Forhex Fair, 2013 took place on August 15 – 18 at Open Grounds, Birla Auditorium in Jaipur. The first day of the 2nd version of the Forhex fair saw a churn out of about 8,000 to 10,000 people.

Forhex Fair, 2013, is designed with the superior synergy and ostentatious marketing tactics. The handicraft buyers/ exporters/ delegates who were fascinated by the beautiful handicrafts both from inside the country and overseas experienced the spectacles of handicrafts. They also explored the unique world of Rajasthani handicrafts. Without doubt, this Fair served as a golden opportunity in Jaipur to reach handicrafts organization and work together with the associates in which some of them were renowned on a national scale. All the more, with the intention of adding more sumptuousness to the Fair, the board also organized Craft Vision on 16th August to tribute the talents of the business together with the charming entertaining performances by prominent stars or grouping.

The Forhex Fair, 2013 held in Jaipur not only displayed the widest possible assortment of Crafts & Textiles but also doubled up as a sensible retail area for goods created by local artisans, the student groups of different craft and design institutes. In doing so, the exporters offered them wealthy customers of

neighboring, countrywide as well as global purchasers on home territory. Attractive clocks of different shapes and sizes were displayed in the fair. Some of them which resembled antiques ruled the fair. Hand-crafted clocks at the fair exerted a pull on the eye balls. The product assortment available at the fair was also easy on the pocket. Mr. Rajesh Kumar Jangid, a national award winner, has created a compilation of jewelry boxes with copper, silver engraved on wood and beautiful photo frames.

Eye-catching handicrafts displayed on Forhex fair:

  1. Accessories
  2. Various Crafts
  3. Designer items
  4. Furniture
  5. Glass
  6. Goods
  7. Home products
  8. Home Interiors
  9. Home textiles
  10. Handicraft Information
  11. Institutes
  12. Interior design items
  13. Jewelry
  14. Machinery
  15. Retail
  16. Textile machinery
  17. Textiles
  18. Trade

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