Rambagh palace awarded

Rambagh palace awarded for the wonderful inventiveness of eco-friendly environment!

Rambagh Palace, the internationally celebrated palace hotel in Jaipur has acquired the Gold Certification on January 4th, 2014 in credit to its surroundings and eco-friendly actions. The data to this outcome was acknowledged on January 2nd by Rambagh Palace hotel. This official recognition was informed by Manish Gupta, the General Manager of Earth Check. Earth check is the most important “Environmental Benchmarking & Certification Program” in the world specifically for the voyage & sightseeing division.

Beauty of Rambagh Palace hotel:

Placed in 47 acres of well manicured gardens at the heart of Jaipur, this palace hotel is ostensible “Jewel of Jaipur” and one of the most renowned palace hotels in the globe. Constructed in the year 1835, it has started as a self-effacing garden house, and for almost a century, it has catered the needs of several Maharajas as a regal guesthouse as well as a hunting lodge, prior to being converted into the legendary fortress for the Jaipur Maharaja in the year 1925. At the moment, the hotel guests sense a strapping link to the ceremonial olden times even now. They feel the royalty in the plentiful particulars such as engraved pillars, high-ceilinged domes and patterned corridors. Additional modern day accompaniments are luxurious by the same token. For example, the Jiva Grande Spa is dwelling in tasseled tents that are overstated with wooden floors and dazzling chandeliers, touches the maharaja would definitely have been highly praised.

Excellent green rendition of the Palace hotel:

The honored Gold certification is offered to Rambagh palace hotel owing to some continued inventiveness of this sumptuous hotel such as establishing 2.1 mw wind turbine at Jaisalmer, Rajasthan that contributes to almost 70 % of the entire power utilization of the hotel. What's more, around eighteen water harvesting configurations are in the hotel premises. Also, recycled water is not wasted and is utilized for gardening purposes. Many energy efficient pumps have also been installed and changeable drives are being employed for the “TFA’s (Total Fresh Air) & AHU (Air Handling Unit)”. Rambagh palace hotel utilizes only ecological chemicals and hotel’s spa treats and heals the customers only with organic products. In the same way, the wet garbage is transported for composting whereas the dry garbage like, plastic, scrap metal, glass, paper are recycled.

In addition to all these green initiatives, the consumed oil from the hotel’s engineering operations and kitchen is transported for recycling via endorsed agency of the “State Pollution Control Board”. With the intention to accomplish the most honored Gold certification, the hotel has made its operational performance under the “EarthCheck” standards and also was authenticated by a self-governing 3rd party auditor.

Other community-friendly initiatives:

Rambagh palace enthusiastically supports the neighboring artistes by utilizing their services in a variety of entertainment programs. As a crown to their services to the society, Rambagh Palace has also initiated an orphanage in pink city. In the year 2008, Rambagh Palace was effectively acknowledged for its environmental factors which incorporated energy & water conservation in addition to its commercial communal responsibility activities.

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